Parenting role models

Oh man, this lockdown has been hard especially with community sports shut down while we fight our latest out break, lil miss was getting so good at soccer and enjoyed going every weekend but it's been brought to a stand still. But we've maintained our training regime and continued to focus on muscle developelment.

But I have to be honest with you, it hasn't been easy especially through the current pandemic and trying to keep the kids entertained. My gym has turned into a bit of a messy place and I'm always having to clean up toys and rubbish created by the kids before starting a work out.

Dad life right? Nothing worse than stepping on a Lego except rolling an ankle while holding 100kgs so I try to avoid that aspect. I've also missed a few training sessions because I've been too tired and exhausted from getting through the day.

But the other night was an interesting evening at home with lil miss begging me to commence training and I said the "not tonight line". A few moments later I heard some commotion coming from the home gym which is just the garage so I decided to investigate.


I've spent a bit of time training little miss and getting her across a few exercises as she has shown significant interest in training and keeping fit. As I entered the home gym silently attempting not to alarm them to my presence I over heard little miss teaching her younger brother those very same exercises.

He sat there ever so quietly listening to her instructions with every detail as if he understood everything she was saying, which I guess he was because it didn't take long for him to attempt to pull back on the rower with lil miss "slowly, remember maintain posture you don't want to hurt your back

As cute as it was I had to interject to ensure she didn't hurt him or worse yet, squash him under some weights! His a little too young to be lifting at current but with all things being the way they are it looks like his keen on joining us in our sessions.

It's not like he hasn't tried or doesn't participate in general, he loves to be in the garage while we train and his showing signs of good strength picking up 1kg weights and throwing them with great ease.


I have to admit, I'm a little scared at this point in time if I'm training up two little humans that will no doubt soon enough be able to over power me, lil miss already has a deadly right hook that I've managed to be a recipient of. I'd be putting her into boxing classes by now if they were permissible.

Either way, I am enjoying the time I get to spend with them and since swapping the sweaty gym rats for my own stinky little humans training is alot more fun and I feel like I'm getting some quality time.


If only I could get them to clean up after themselves or stop making my gym into a mess I'd be alot happier and feel a little less anxious about training because I never quite know when there is a toy car or piece of Lego I have missed waiting for me to roll my ankle on.