Australia to increase defence spending in new US, UK and Australian defence pact


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Last night Australian media went into overdrive as an emergency briefing was held between the US, UK and Australia which also involved Australian opposition leaders and ministers.

At the time the highly classified meeting was vague on what it was in regards to. But despite the lack of information there was a hunch that it was going to be about military involvement in the Asian Pacific Region given the US led briefing and what has been occuring over the past 12 months and the bilateral relationship break downs with our greatest trading partner China.

Defence Pact

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It was later revealed that the US, UK and Australia have agreed to enter into a defence pact known as AUKUS. The sole purpose of AUKUS will be to share nuclear, Artificial Intelligence, long range missle capabilities as well as underwater systems to counter China's advancements in the region Source which has been growing more hostile over the past 12 months with China also somewhat accusing Australia of the COVID outbreak with a reference of the disease being brought to China via Australia's cattle export.

Due to Australia's call for answers from China relating to the COVID outbreak which appears to have emerged from Wuhan and a suspected cover up from China, China rebutted Australia and has imposed harsh economic restrictions and sanctions targeting Australia Source

China has continued to deny its hand in any wrong doing in the regard to COVID and has gone to extreme lengths with documentaries and news reported on the outbreak of accusing China of covering it up and going as far as getting rid of health professionals and scientists whom originally attempted to break the news and warn the world Source

Nuclear Submarines

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The new AUKUS defence pact will see Australia cancel its current contract with France for the construction of Submarines to commence constructing nuclear powered Submarines provided with US technology and built on US plans.

This will result in Australia increasing its current defence spend from $US50 Billion to $US90Billion. The Australian army is a small army but it is well known for its highly trained and skilled soldiers who have supported the US over the past few decades in successful campaigns.

The nuclear class Submarines are one of the most powerful underwater military machines capable of remaining Submurged for months on end and are near undetectable by radar and other modern devices. They are to be feared by many.


The US plans to expand its long ranged missle systems in Australia with the capability to strike much of the Asian Pacific from Australian soil either on its mainland or surrounding islands.

The strategic position of Australia provides the US the upper hand on any conflict that may arise and act as a strong deterrent.

China and US head to head

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As the US and China brace for what appears to be a head on clash over who will be the world's superpower Australia may play a vital role in securing the area for the US.

As the US dominates the sea and air this leaves Australia's highly skilled and efficient military to focus on what is beneath the sea and develop its military forces in underwater conflict.

A small army appears best focused rather than attempting to cover all ground and it appears the US has selected Australia to lead the nuclear Submarine field.

A wise strategic position which will enable US forces to focus more on its strengths while not compromising its position.

It's anyone's guess where this will lead but no doubt we will probably see China pull in its military forces and expansion as it at current does not have the military capabilities to tackle AUKUS head on in conflict.

We wait to see China's next move and no doubt after hearing of the establishment of AUKUS Bejing will be quick to respond.

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Well I don't really think physical war will break out since everything will probably be economic and cyber warfare. But who knows what will happen.

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