Walk with me on Wednesday afternoon and see the green beauty natural beauty of our village || Wednesday Walk ||

Hello all nature and travel loving friends.Happy Wednesday from Bangladesh.Friends today is Wednesday.I hope you're having a great day.

Friends, the weather was very good this afternoon.So I decided to go for a walk in nature in this beautiful weather.I decided to go to the natural place of our village and enjoy the beauty of nature.Because beautiful nature and green nature are hidden in our village.I am fascinated by the natural beauty and green beauty of our village.And anyone will be fascinated by the natural beauty.Anyone will be fascinated by the green beauty of our countries village.So whenever I get a chance I go out to enjoy the natural beauty and green beauty of village.




So today Wednesday afternoon I went to natural place of our village to enjoy the natural beauty and green beauty.Our village has a lot of agricultural land, gardens and soil.Agricultural land is the main source of nature in the village.So first I went to the village agriculture land to enjoy the green beauty.Green paddy fields are now seen in the agricultural lands of our villages.I enjoy the green beauty of the village paddy fields.And looking at the green nature is good for the eyes.I walked in the middle of the green paddy field for some time.There is small small soils road in the middle of paddy fields and I walked through that soils road.





Plenty of paddy fields can be seen across the agricultural land of our village now.At present anyone will be fascinated by the green beauty of our countries villages paddy fields.At present, real natural beauty and green beauty can be seen in the agricultural land of our countries village.I touched the green paddy with my hand.In the picture you can see the green paddy fields of our village.


Then I went to see the village banana orchard and other green nature.We have a lot of banana orchards in our village.Banana orchards on one side and green nature on the other.A soils road in the middle.I walked through the soils road and enjoyed the beauty of green nature.I have tried to take some pictures from the banana garden, you can see.


Now summer season.During this season many fruit trees can be seen in the agricultural land and nature of village.During this season many jackfruit trees can be seen in the nature and agricultural lands of the village.Jackfruit is the national fruit of our country.So in the afternoon while walking through the nature of the village I saw many jackfruit trees.The national fruit has further enhanced the natural beauty of the village.





I took some pictures of the national fruit jackfruit while enjoying the natural beauty of the village.In the picture you can see the national fruit jackfruit.So friends I enjoy the natural beauty of our village till evening.I walked through the nature of the village till evening.After walking through the nature of the village, I came back home in the evening.

So friends this was the story of enjoying the natural beauty of the village this Wednesday afternoon.Hope you enjoy this travel story on Wednesday afternoon.I took some pictures while enjoying the green beauty and natural beauty of village.I shared the pictures with you here.I hope you enjoy the pictures of natural beauty and green beauty.

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I am Md Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.I live in Tangail city. I am a Degree (BSS) pass student.I love my parents and my family members.I'm not a style man.I am a simple man.My favourite game is Cricket.And my favourite hobby are travel, photographing, blogging, writing and I love nature.

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Such lush fresh greens

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)