Some photography while travelling to a village green vegetables garden

Friends, you know that I am Md. Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.I love our country’s villages and village nature.Because the villages of our country are covered by nature.Inside the villages of our country I see the most green beauty and natural beauty.Inside the village I get to see the amazing nature.That amazing nature of the village has always fascinated me.So sometimes I travel in the middle of nature of Bangladeshi village.



Most of the agricultural land is seen in the villages of our country.And in these agricultural lands, the farmers of our country try to grow different types of green crops, fruits trees and vegetables.And due to this green crop of agricultural land, the natural beauty and green beauty of the village can be seen more.The agricultural land of the village further enhances the natural beauty of village.When you go through the agricultural lands of the villages of Bangladesh, then you will see the most nature and green nature.



I am always fascinated by the natural beauty and green beauty of the agricultural lands of the villages of our country.I get to see the amazing nature when I go into the village.I am fascinated by see the fruits, vegetables and different types of green crop of agricultural land.So Sometimes I travel through the agriculture land to enjoy the natural and amazing beauty of village agriculture land.And I try to share with you the pictures of amazing nature, fruits, vegetables etc. of agriculture land.






So recently I went to visit a village in our Tangail district one morning.The name of that village is Kazipur.I went to the agriculture land of that village to enjoy the natural beauty.In the middle of the agriculture land of that village I saw a vegetable garden.In that vegetable garden I saw 3 vegetable trees.These are papaya tree, gourd tree and cucumber tree.That vegetable trees have enhanced the beauty of the agricultural land.These 3 vegetables are my favorite vegetables.Of these, papaya is my most favorite.There I saw more papaya trees.There were many papayas in the trees.So many papayas in the tree looked really amazing.It seems that the beauty of green nature has increased for the papayas.

Some talk about green vegetable papaya,



Friends, papaya is one of my favorite vegetables.When papaya is raw, it is called a vegetable.When papaya ripens again it is called fruit.Papaya is available all year round in our country.Many rural farmers in our country become self-reliant by cultivating papaya.I have known since childhood that papaya is a very beneficial vegetable.I learned from my father that papaya helps to relieve gastric.Eating raw papaya every morning is very good for the stomach.Eating raw papaya every morning keeps the stomach clean and eliminates gastric problems.So I eat raw papaya every morning.There are many more benefits to this papaya.So I'll tell you, try to eat raw and ripe papaya every day.

Let's go back to the main discussion,




So friends, I was walking through the agricultural land of that village.I was enjoying the natural beauty and amazing nature there.I entered a vegetable garden there.There were many papaya trees in the garden.I saw lots of papaya in the trees.There were also two other vegetable trees in the garden.I walked in the garden for long time.While walking, I was fascinated by the vegetables in the vegetable garden.These views of the village look really amazing.





Gourd and cucumber🖕

Then my mind wanted, I will show you these vegetables in the garden.I had my smartphone in my hand.So with the camera of my used smartphone I took some pictures inside the garden.I tried to take pictures of the green vegetables in the trees.I took the most papaya pictures.I took all pictures with my used smartphone camera.I shared the pictures with you here.In the pictures you can see papaya, gourd and cucumber.I hope you all enjoy this all pictures.







All pictures captured by me.
Device: Walton
Model: Primo N4
Lens: 3.62mm f/1.8
Location: Tangail, Bangladesh.

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