(ESP-ENG) Salí con mi suegro y completamos el servicio técnico 👏✅🎉 // I went out with my father-in-law and we completed the technical service 👏✅🎉.




Hola mis amores muy buenos días para todos, feliz martes y buen provecho para quienes estén comiendo ahorita, aquí les dejo su café respectivo ☕👏🌞.

Hoy les sigo contando la travesía en lo del servicio técnico del Samsung. Al día siguiente fui con mi suegro al city Market a buscar el equipo, fuimos como a la 1pm para darles chance de abrir la tienda y todo eso, el teléfono muy bien, sin problema alguno, todo gracias a Dios.


Hello my loves, very good morning to all, happy Tuesday and bon appetit for those who are eating right now, here is your respective coffee ☕👏🌞.

Today I continue to tell you about the journey at the Samsung technical service. The next day I went with my father in law to the city Market to get the equipment, we went at about 1pm to give them a chance to open the store and all that, the phone was fine, no problems, all thanks to God.



De allí fuimos a realizar algunas comprar del hogar y bueno primera vez que realmente saco mi teléfono dentro de una estación de metro para tomar una foto, es que como lo ví tan acomodadito, iluminado pues dije "guardemos un recuerdo de este momento" y como el tren aún no llegaba bien bueno todo a favor jejejejeje.

From there we went to do some home shopping and well first time I really took out my phone inside a subway station to take a picture, is that as I saw it so accommodated, illuminated as I said "let's keep a memory of this moment" and as the train still did not arrive well all in favor hehehehehehehehehe.



Después que hicimos todas las compras, ya estábamos como quien dice con la lengua afuera del cansancio y calor 🥵🥵 y pues hicimos una parada para tomarnos unas cuantas cervezas y conversar un buen rato, ya después de eso terminamos de llegar a la casa, le entregue el teléfono a Helen y listo, todo muy bien ✅✅✅👏🙏.

After we did all the shopping, we were already, as they say, with our tongues hanging out from the tiredness and heat 🥵🥵 and we made a stop to drink a few beers and talk for a while, after that we finished arriving at the house, I handed the phone to Helen and that was it, everything was fine ✅✅✅👏🙏👏🙏.






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I like beer too... your air... intrigues me 🤨

!PIZZA (I don't have pollo)
And some !LUV