Life is a constant school of learning.

Greetings community, here I make my first publication in your spaces. Welcome.


For quite some time I have been removing from my way of acting, those things that do not allow me to see clearly everything in a more empathetic way. Since I know myself, I am aware that many things I have thought are only a product of the inheritance learned at home or from those around me and in the end, I have only imitated patterns of behavior.

Understanding this was not easy, because it also mixes a bit of unhealthy pride that tells you that stupid expression: I am like that and that's it! This limits self-learning and the possibility of change for integral wellbeing.

If you ask me today if I have been able to remove those clamps that marked my life completely, I can say with certainty that not all of them. What I can assure you is that I am analyzing myself day by day in order to improve and to be able to act in benefit of being a happy person and not limited to just surviving.


In the last few days I have been able to have spaces of introspection that have allowed me to observe in depth behaviors that I do not like and that I definitely do not want to repeat. I will tell you about something that I have witnessed and that has moved me internally.

For me, parents are sacred. They make a superhuman effort to learn how to be "parents," building the foundation of new individuals for society. There they mix the memories of upbringing and what they are adding now rationally, for that development.

However, we cannot forget that these parents are human beings with lights and shadows. No matter how much we want to idealize them as the best, they will make mistakes in their own lives. Some of them will go through the years with bitterness, bad characters and may even become their own worst enemies by becoming a victim figure in life.


Of course, not everyone will experience this. Everything will depend on their own circumstances, life projects and their own self-development. However, to this lived truth I see with great concern the abuse of children towards their parents. Where they forget where they come from and that everything they can achieve in life thanks to their academic professions has been part of the effort, work, support and dedication of their parents. I have seen children deny a plate of food or an improvement in the living conditions of their elders, just because they put their clothing needs first.

I understand that everyone's priority system is completely personal, but I can never understand how you put a balanced plate of food in your mouth when your parents don't even have a fried egg on their table. These are little things that honestly bother me, but when we look at the family dynamics there are more unintelligible variables and they simply get used to living this way.

They see their achievements only as a product of their studies, which of course does not detract from their merit, but leaving aside the sacrifices made by their parents so that they could study and have everything possible to achieve their academic achievements.
Anyway, maybe my vision is more of gratitude towards my parents. They gave the best they had to give me studies, to give me even more than they had. None of them studied and yet they fought day after day so that their daughters would have the tools to have a better quality of life. How much I wish I could give back some of all that they gave me from the deepest and most sincere love. Maybe I will never achieve it, but I would never act as if they do not deserve it.

I am what I am because of my parents. They push me to be a better person, so I am working on being a more empathetic, flexible person with a better vision of what is truly important in life. Our integral wellbeing.


Life is a Boomerang, in the end we always get what we give to others.

I hope you are doing well, enjoy these photos that I share with you of a wasp carrasco as we call it here. Greetings and good vibes. See you in the comments.

Photographs of my authorship.
created in Canva.

Translated with DeepL.

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Understanding this was not easy, because it also mixes a bit of unhealthy pride that tells you that stupid expression: I am like this and that's it! This limits self-learning and the possibility of change for integral wellbeing.

Totally agree friend, I have heard this phrase many times, in my opinion it is like accepting the defeat of a change that is not possible thanks to the own barriers that we put. It is as if they resinate forever and it turns out that life gives us many opportunities, puts us on the road to people either temporary or permanent, situations, in short, with the sole purpose of teaching us to be better people. Greetings.