THE SENSES OF MUSIC || Synesthesia as a Sensor Y Experience and Music

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Many people express feeling music from an extraordinary sensory level which makes them able to see colors, feel flavors, and even smells. Is it real?

Today I want to share with you my perception about how we experience music beyond the performance or the delight of listening to it.

It is scientifically proven that synesthesia grants a small number of people in the world the ability to experience different sensations through the same stimulus. For example, a synaesthete can hear colors, taste a touch or see sounds.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that you yourself have experienced synaesthesia without being aware that you have?

Some of us may be unaware of synaesthesia as a concept, which is why we are unaware that we may have had many more insights into a sensory experience than we are aware of. You may now begin to discover a number of new sensations. For example, have you ever thought, how can music produce chills? Well, music really touches us! Not the skin... Through the ears.

| Synesthesia. Listen to the colors, see the music (Youtube) |
This video is an invitation from the Youtube channel of the Fundación Juan March (Madrid) to a series of concerts (2016).
to a series of concerts (2016) inspired by the influence of the synaesthetic experience on the
synaesthetic experience on the creators of music.

By the fact of having experienced something similar to synaesthesia, I have accepted this scientific fact.

As a consequence of this condition, our brains might be designed to establish a certain connection between music and color as it makes us feel some melody.

A little beyond the experience of seeing or tasting music, there is an effect that music undoubtedly brings me: it makes me travel somewhere or through time. Without fear of being wrong, I know that many of us have experienced it. I imagine that for each one of us there is at least one song that takes us to some memory, some moment in our past, so much so that without being synaesthetic this memory can be associated to a color or flavor.

My childhood, us in my dad's car, "And I Love Her" playing in the player....

My dad is a Beatles fan; this was one of the most repeated songs and as it has a very particular intro we always hummed it. This memory comes to me from those moments when we used this song as part of the jokes between brothers.

| Video: "And I Love Her", by the Beatles (Youtube) |

I invite you all to tell me a piece of music that reminds you of something:
COMMENT what song is it and what memory does it bring back to you?


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