Love The Clouds Contest! #136!.A sunny beach day turned into clouds and storm clouds!

Hi everyone, this is my entry in @tobetada's 'Love the Clouds No.136' contest.⛅⛅

Playa T2.jpg

The incredible thing about nature, how in a short time a sunny day on the beach can turn into a dark afternoon, which began with small clouds that grew until they were big black clouds that later became an immense rain with a storm and the tranquility of The sea in great waves, however the people remained there without fear of the storm.

Playa N.jpg

These images were made on the beach Lido Anzoátegui Venezuela. On normal days the sunsets are beautiful.

Playa T Nubes.jpg

PLaya Lido 2.jpg

Playa T atar.jpg

Playa T!.jpg

Playa T.jpg

Camera: ZTE phone

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