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For almost 90+ Accounts so far the best loot I got was the Chaos Legion pack and then those Gold Foil Common Cards! It's raining gold foil common and rare cards under Bronze League! I also got credits that can be used to buy cards! I'm so happy to have those cards even if I'm in a low league tier.

Silver 3

For this tier, I got 1 chaos legion pack, 1 epic dragon card, and 3 common cards. The rest were potions that I can be used for the opening of packs. Still an awesome loots

Bronze 1

I got 1 epic card, Uraeus, a pelacor common card, a total of 45 credits and the rest were legendary and alchemy potions!

Bronze 2

For this league, I got Exploding Rats Gold Foil Rare card with a 500 collection power, its like a got a legendary card!

Bronze 3

For the bronze 3, I got lots of card with just 5 chest! 2 rare and 2 common in one account. Next would be 1 1250 credits and again a gold foil common card!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you get also awesome loot in your account! Just keep on grind and soon will get those Legendary Gold Foillll!

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