Love Affairs: The Pierce heart πŸ’˜2


The concluding part!

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When we get to my hostel, I gave him a sit to sit and I offer him water to drink. But deep within me, I knew he was feeling hot but he was just enduring it.
He spent some minutes with me before going, and then I see him off.

College life was not easy for me, I'm always broke and only what I can afford is the food I can eat. Though my mummy always sends some money to me, but not always enough, I just keep on managing what I have.
Life still goes on like that, ever since he knows my hostel, he never stop checking on me, and whenever he came, we always have one or two things to discuss, he was just too humble and caring guy, he's just doing different from other guys, he has helped me with financial issue times without number, he was just like God sent.

My feelings for him have become stronger that I will always love to see him every day. But I don't know if he has the same feelings for me.
Days go on and months went by, I get used to everything in college. And Dan was always at my side in everything I do.

The day I celebrated my birthday, Dan gave me some presents and the things I like most in all what he presented to me was a STANDING FAN, it came as surprise to me, I never expect too much from him, " At least I will not feel hot again in my hostel, I've been longing to get it, but I don't have the money to buy it, I was just filled with joy that day.

The most significant present might not come enclosed in a shiny paper or ribbon, they will always be the present that will arouse your fantasy, comfort your troubled mind, and lighten the heart.

Dan came to my hostel one day, it was just a surprise visit, he never told me he will be coming, I welcome him and give him something to eat. After eating we started our conversation as usual but in the process, he changed the topic.

He said " Mary, I've been longing to say this but I don't know how you might take it, I don know if you feel the same as I do, right from the first day I set my eyes on you, my heart is always longing for you, please Mary, can you give me your heart too, I love you, I do really love you, I just need you to love me back"

I was unable to give him a reply because I was thinking of my studies so that I will not get distracted, then I broke the silence " Dan I love you too, even more than you think of"

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Dan's face was filled with joy, he moved closer to me and he looks straight into my eyes, he moved his lips close to mine and held me in my wait and we both kissed each other, we were both lost in emotion, then suddenly I pulled my self out from him.

" I could not believe I kissed him," I thought within me.

I see him off that day and bid him goodbye.

When I get home I could not stop thinking about the kiss, I can say that was my first time kissing a guy, though I can say, I love it πŸ˜‹

It's been three days now, Dan has not called me and I did not call him, and I decided to call him, but I was unable to reach him, and I was worried, I did not know where he stays, because he was the one always coming to my house, I just pray that nothing bad should happen to him.

A week pass I did not see him, I decided to go to his department to ask for him, and someone who happens to be his friend told me that he has been in the hospital for the past 6days, I get to know from his friend that he has cancer of the lungs. I feel so weak when I heard this.

I did not waste time to ask for the location of the hospital when I get there, his parents were there with him, he looks so frustrated I pitied him, and he said in a weak voice

" Mary, has been waiting for you to come, but thank God you came today, Nothing will remain permanent in this life, Mary I'm sorry for not telling you all this while that I have cancer, but you know that I will forever love you”


I weep profusely saying,” Dan please don't leave me, I just hope you will get well soon, I don't think I can cope without you at my side" while I was saying this, he was already gasping and I couldn't help him, I watch someone I love so much die in my arm 😭😭😭. I can't just stand on my feet anymore, I have to lean on something. Just in the middle of the sea.

I managed to get home that day, I was unable to eat that day, neither do I sleep, I mourned him for days and each time I set my eyes on the standing fan he bought for, his memories keep on refreshing in my heart.

Even though found someone else, Daniel's love will always be in my heart.

Thanks for readingπŸ’™

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