Love Affairs - the hole in my life


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It's all started as a dream to me, everything seems new to me, it's the feeling of love and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Morning always give me the mark of his presence, the flower appears to me as God's best imagination, but currently, flowers and morning look like a natural part and parcel of life with eyes filled with tears because I was longing to see him around but unfortunately, I couldn't find him, he is with somebody else and it just because of me, ho! I have lost him, I would have shown him love and respect just as he has for me.

Everything started back in the year 2017, when I went outing with my friends to the most romantic place in the world that I met him, that certain day, we laugh, talk and have some fun with each other, and after my return, we both exchange number with each other and we both get into chatting, gradually we both fell in love with each other.

I was on top of the world when he proposed to me, we both have had a strong relationship for a year. on a certain day my brother took my phone and read the message sent to me by him, he did not think twice to tell my father about it, my mother worsen the situation by collecting my precious phone from me.

Since then I always collect my friend's phone to call him twice or thrice a week. I was not happy with this, my family seems to be the harshest people I've ever seen. In a short time I pass out from lower level to college, it was this time that I was able to get back my mobile phone, and this makes me to be very happy, and all I was thinking about is to start a new phase in my relationship, but currently, things were not falling into place as I think.

I was surrounded with fantasies of new friends in college and start to resist him, I always ignore his phone calls, and whenever we have the chance to talk, it will always start with a fight and ends with a fight, we did not break up officially, but it always seems to me that I did with him, and I feel like nothing will be done to build up our relationship again just as it is before.

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I began to feel the hole in my life after 5 months, it was due to his departure from my life. I tried all my best to make him understand that I was influenced by the fantasy of the world around me, I tried to show him how sorry I am, because I know I've wrong him, " please come back to me, I'm still standing where you left me”. but unfortunately, he told me that he has moved on, I could not believe what I heard, but I just have to control myself, because of the trauma deep within me.

Now he loves someone else, he's with someone else, I see everything as my fault.

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