DEPRESSION - a predator for anyone


patrik-velich-c9CG0WEv_Jc-unsplash (2).jpg

Oh! Depression, depression is a demon, yeah, it's a monster that weakens both the heart and the soul. Its torments are without sympathy and eat up its victim as a whole.

It paralyzes and cripples, and it makes life so hard to withstand.
It evacuates a person without enthusiasm and it makes each day a nightmare.

So many people feel this despair right from the time they are young,
And they assume they are different and can't be cherished by anyone.

Moments filled with turmoil and the glance of change could not been see.
Face turned pale with fluid like an heavy down pour from the eye.
All hope turned to a blind vision just like walking in the dark without a ray of light.

It's hidden in those terrors of the afflict and demean,
Who uses their utterances like weapons to engulf all self-esteem.
It's fueled with those entities that can be used to elude from the endless misery depression brings.

Depression can inflict some to give up and to lose all stamina to fight.
It makes them take their existence and it can eliminate one's very soul.
Depression is a predator that can make anyone it prey.

They look horrible , that's what you'll say ,
But when you're being faced with this monster called depression, you'll look more like a one.
Depression is not a friend of no one, when it comes it will definitely eat you up.
Gradually a thought of ending everything crossed the mind.
Suicide the friend of depression come knocking at the door.

There's no one who merits it and there is no one to be faulty.
We need to be mindful because we don't need to make a judgment,
We need to be cautious that those who experience this pain of depression need the word to care for them.

Image source by Patrik Velich