Student Airdrop, New Presidential Bid and a "Hopeful dCity Addon" 🕹️


Student Airdrop:

As you may or may not have seen (some people don't check their cities that often) there was recently a "Student Airdrop" of 55K Students. Yes . . . you read that number correctly. The number of students that were given to a player depended on the number of universities and schools they possessed in their cities.

There was an announcement about the airdrop back in November and here is the link . . .

💡 Airdrop Notification Post 💡

I've noticed a few people in discord that were completely unaware that there would be an airdrop. So, for all the new players out there . . . ALWAYS check the announcement channel in discord every week (so there are no more surprises). Any updates to the game will ALWAYS be in that channel.

Anyways . . . at this very moment, the number of unemployed people that you previously had in your city, will have most likely increased (a few days ago now) and you will have to adjust your city accordingly (as not to lose SIM).

In addition . . . a very exciting add-on was just introduced into the game which is the evolving "Student."

After the student graduates... he must discover a career path (as all of us do).

Some of us become 'homeless', some us become 'scientists', others . . . policemen, soldiers, professors, eco-activists, lawyers, economists, or just general everyday 'Workers.'  (lol)


THREE of these professions/new citizens (by the way) were never announced (sneaky Gerber).

Here is an image from @dcitygame displaying the new type of citizens inserted into the game. It's important to take a take a close look at their percentages.


Source:   dCityGame

Why is that so important you ask?

You have literally a TWENTY PERCENT chance of LOSING you PLUS ONE tax refund (because your student may turn into scientist, worker, hard worker, or homeless).

With dCity taxes being so crazy high . . . it MAY be more beneficial (at the moment) to not risk evolving your student. In other words . . . you may want to keep the kids in school for a few more years (lol).

Here's why . . .

Every PLUS ONE in tax refund that you currenly possess, is extremely valuable for the "dCity Ranking Rewards"

To put this more into perspective . . . at the current tax rate . . . purchasing TWENTY hotels will not even give you a PLUS ONE in additional income.

Which is why I describe the tax rate as "Crazy High."

The point is . . . you might want to consider keeping your "plus ONE sim student" tax refund.

Ultimately though, this is all just food for thought. It will be up to each individual player to make-up their own decision.

Lastly, about the update . . . there is a minimal 10 SIM fee to transform your student.


Everything "SIM":

Whenever I write posts (very rarely) I try to be as informative as possible. I try to go into great detail regarding whatever topic that I am posting about at the time. The point is . . . if these seem "wordy" than the good news is that I don't post that often 🙂

However . . . I will always have a lot to say about a game that, I believe, has a ton of potential and has not yet been discovered by the average crypto investor.

Afterall, HIVE is somewhat obscure.  I was fortunate enough to be on the hive network (steem at the time) for a least a few years before the launch of dCity.

The point is . . . I feel that MANY people are looking for a game that in some way uses the crypto token called "SIM"

If you remember... SIM games started on playstation (and xbox).

Did you know that the first SIM game (called "The SIMS") came out in February (this month) back in the year 2000?   Interesting . . . huh?


Source:   Wikipedia


Last Election:

I started writing this post about 12 hours before the final day of the last voting cycle.

At the time . . . @Daddyspardan appeared to be the apparent winner.

Then, at the last second, someone (I will leave this person unnamed... lol) totally flipped the vote with the SIM power that he possessed. Thus . . . the president who enforced the 110 percent taxes, will once again be president for the next 2 weeks (defeating me along the way).

Notice my name taped on the box 😏

For myself and the enormous taxes . . . my daily pay-out was always just a bit more WITHOUT the war tax being on (... I do receive a good amount of SIM with the "war tax").

However . . . it it becoming more and more apparent that the new players are figuring out that those that who hold the military cards . . . are the ones that are receiving almost ALL of the daily SIM rewards.

After all . . . it's pretty easy to figure-out . . . it's in dCity's Explorer.

Personally, I feel that it may be more beneficial to keep the taxes as low as possible (in general) for the prosperity of the game (although I do somewhat agree with Jelly regarding taxes and APR that was discussed in my last post).

The reason I feel that the taxes should be low (again... in general) is because I believe it will lead us to a greater SIM price.

Here's Why:

With the enormous taxes at the moment, it is inevitable that the new player feels "unrewarded" after they already invested into the game (however minimally).

To add insult to injury . . . there are additional and unnecessary taxes that have also been applied . . . the "Eco Tax" and "Basic Tax".

Ultimately . . . what happens is... the new players stop further RE-investing their daily earnings back into the game.

If the player did actually accrue some SIM on a daily basis, then they would likely start PLAYING the game again (by purchasing random cards or buying cards through the market).

Furthermore . . . consistently growing or adding new players (however slowly) is critical to the expansion of dCity (in my opinion). This is especially true of people not even familiar with HIVE... but are crypto investors in general.

Perhaps most importantly . . . I think "word of mouth" might be underrated.

Most crypto enthusiasts (like ourselves) like to talk about projects that we enjoy . . . but at the moment, with the unnecessarily high taxes, playing dCity may not be one of the most enjoyable things to sit down and do.


Now don't get me wrong . . . since I have been playing dcity for so long, I kind of find it entertaining when someone totally decides to completely screw-up all the taxes 😄

But overall . . . i do not think that that keeping taxes at 110 percent for 5 consecutive weeks is beneficial for the game.

Perhaps only a 10 day presidential cycle might be a possible solution to the problem.

A ten day presidential term would definitely be easier than creating a program that could literally "impeach" a president inside the game (like someone suggested a few months ago).


Presidential Bid:

In all likelihood . . . most of the people that are new to dCity, don't even realize that those that hold the SIM power (30 day average based on the SIM holdings in your wallet) ultimately control who is the PRESIDENT (and whether the war tax is turned ON or turned OFF)

Anyways . . . with my "Presidential Bid" last term . . . I was trying to appease the dcity "Sim Power" gods with my own proposal.  


My Proposal:   
  • 1 week war tax "ON" / 1 week war tax "OFF"


Here is a "copy" and "paste" of my Presidential Bid that I posted a few weeks ago. It includes an an explanation of all the taxes available to the President of dCity (for all the new players) . . .

Income Tax 2 N/A Keeps SIM at Decent Price/Not From President
Police Tax 2 0 Police Station Works Four Times Better
Education Tax 2 0 Increases Probability of Mining New Technology
Art Tax 2 0 Increases Probability of Mining New Background
War Tax 1 10 Provides Extra Income for Holding War Shares
Eco Tax 2 0 SIM Bonus for Wind Turbines and Solar Plants
Jobs Tax 2 0 Doubles Effect of Job Agency/Training Citizens
Basic Tax 2 1 Reduces SIM Inflation (One to Twenty Percent)
Luxury Tax 2 70 Penalty for Cities with Huge Population and No Income

To put this simply . . . it means that taxes will be "Off" for the first week and "On" for the second.

In other words . . . for seven days the taxes will be at it's very minimum (similar to when Scriptioner was president) and for seven days the taxes will be 'ON' for only the war tax.

Hopefully this will make everybody as happy as possible.

You can find me under my dCity name (@maryjane.main) in the "Government" tab.


The Voting System:

Something to keep in mind is that 80 percent of all the dCity participants (older players and the new players) do NOT vote (according to Gerber). Therefore . . . I think it's important to remind all these players that they should vote every election cycle (which occurs every two weeks).

The small votes will add-up if there are enough people voting (and it's totally free to vote).



A few months into the initial lauch of dCity (which was February of 2020), I was suggesting to Gerber that he add an event to the game. I even suggested that he use a coin that I created (besides my CITY token) for this particular event. That coin I had created (way back then) was called BET.

The token was created on steem-engine, because at the time, hive-engine did not even exist (BET is still on steem-engine by the way - lol).

Nowadays however . . . I think my idea would be more benificial to potentially raise the price of SIM.

Basically my idea would be a "SIM-Sink." If you don't know what a sim-sink is . . . it's a mechanism to burn as much SIM as possible (on the side) for the sole purpose of increasing the value of the SIM token.

According to Gerber, the most effective and valuable sim-sink at the moment is the unlocking of technologies. That costs anywhere between 30 SIM and 1000 SIM (as you are probably aware).

Now . . . it's almost certain, that with "the evolving student" . . . . this sim-sink will be the most effective in the game (ten SIM for evolving each student),


My Hopeful "SIM-Sink" Add-on:

Horse Racing:

My idea is to make dCity Players have the ability to bet on 10 different horses in the game. Each bet would cost three hundred SIM to parcipate . . . then of course, the player would pick one of the ten horses available.

No . . . you cannot pick more than one horse.

Then . . . 24 hours later . . . one horse is randomly drawn by the game.

If the player does happen to pick the correct horse . . . then they would ultimately receive their SIM winning's from all the losing participants that participated in the derby.

Most importantly . . . there would be a mandatory 10 percent deduction from the winnings (which of course would be burnt and the whole point of the sim-sink) 😎

I also think that naming each horse in advance would be a good idea . . . for example . . . "Seabiscuit"

The purpose of naming each horse would be to encourage discussion (in discord) regarding which horse they believe is going to win the race.

Just a Simulation (Don't Get Excited):


I also thought it would be a good idea to assign the username @dcityderby or @dcitybookie for all the daily pay-out's to the winners (kind of like @dcityrewards or @dcityfund).

This account could potentially distribute the rewards to the winners before (or after) the usual daily rewards.


I'm sure that this idea/program might take months (if not a year) to develop. You don't just easily throw something like this into the game.   Plus . . . Gerber is plenty busy with all things dCity AND the entire HIVE network in general (Gerber is an Advisor for HIVE - for those of you that don't know).

Either way . . . whether Gerber decides to implement my idea or not (hi Gerber by the way) . . . I think that ANY type of "sim-sink" (besides unlocking technologies) would be incredibly beneficial for the game... and I'm sure Gerber already knows that.

Also . . . I am well aware that 99 percent of all the ideas that are thrown at Gerber (from dcity players) have to be literally discarded (because there is only so much time in the day) . . . but it means a lot to me (as a player of HIS game) . . . that he is willing (and even curious) to hear everyone's ideas regarding the future of dCity.



Finally, regarding my newly listed "Presidential Bid" . . . if the dCity "Sim-Power" whales see fit . . . I hope to bring a "Calming" two week trend to dCity if you elect me as your President.  



dCity Derby, I love this idea! But maybe we can find someone besides gerber to do it, I think the code should be pretty easy, and gerber will be happy someone did something and probably could show the results on the dcity game page!!


What's weird is... I actually thought of YOU when I was writing those paragraphs about my derby idea (because i knew you'd probably like it) 🙂

... and like you said, if someone did the actual coding for the derby... I don't think it would be hard for gerber to add the results to the game page.

Let's keep our fingers crossed 🤞


This is such a great post. I gladly voted for you today for president. Good luck. I will keep an eye out for your content. I love it. ♥️🦄



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