DCITY Presidential Bid, Anniversary, Progress Update & CITY Token Introduction 🏡

Presidential Bid . . .

This is to inform everyone that I will be running for president in future elections. Although surprises can be fun, seeing over 100 percent taxes on your screen is not. Thus, I will be keeping it simple and sticking to one rule only throughout every election cycle . . .

Income Tax Two N/A Keeps SIM at Decent Price/Not From President
Police Tax Two Zero Police Station Works Four Times Better
Education Tax Two Zero Increases Probability of Mining New Technology
Art Tax Two Zero Increases Probability of Mining New Background
War Tax One Ten Provides Extra Income for Holding War Shares
Eco Tax Two Zero SIM Bonus for Wind Turbines and Solar Plants
Jobs Tax Two Zero Doubles Effect of Job Agency/Training Citizens
Basic Tax Two One Reduces SIM Inflation (One to Twenty Percent)
Luxury Tax Two Seventy Penalty for Cities with Huge Population and No Income

To put this simply . . . it means that taxes will be "Off" for the first week and "On" for the second.

In other words . . . for seven days the taxes will be at it's very minimum (similar to when Scriptioner was president) and for seven days the taxes will be 'ON' for only the war tax.

Hopefully this will make everybody as happy as possible.

You can find me under my dCity name (@maryjane.main) in the "Government" tab.


My History with DCITY . . .

⭐Sidenote:   This post contains over thirty GIF's and PNG's (GIF's from giphy.com).  I've noticed that these images are not always loading up correctly.  Thus, your page may need refreshed to view all the images.

I've been playing dCity since the beginning of it's existence.  So that would be exactly TWO years THIS month . . . Happy Anniversary! 🎉  

Did you know it was called "SteemCity" originally?   Also . . . we used to get our HIVE pay-outs weekly (not daily) based only on our population.  It's actually what prompted the "Luxury Tax" because a lot of people were making a ton of HIVE simply by having a crazy amount of citizens.  Interesting huh? 🙂

Although I have been playing the game since the beginning, at the time I was only investing minimal profits from other crypto that I had staked (about 200 dollars worth).

It actually took me nearly 7 months before I "HEAVILY" invested into Gerber's dCity.

But now . . . I am truly grateful that I did.

For about 5 years, I had been looking for a game that used SIM or at least something like it.

I used to play a game from the website "cryptocities.net" that promised to eventually intregrate the ability to earn crypto.  But six years later, they have still failed to do so.

Thus . . . for me, that was a lot of wasted ETH that I invested into that game.

However, this story does have a happy ending, when the search for a SIM game (that had the ability to earn crypto) ultimately came to an end when I discovered dCity.

I even told Gerber personally (when dCity started) how long I had to wait for a SIM game.

But anyways . . . enough about me. Let's talk business. Here are . . .

My Credentials (Top 2 Cities):

On top of these assets, I have always felt (since the 2nd edition) that it was critical to obtain as many "Technology" cards as possible.   So . . . I currently run over 20 accounts that are all dedicated to dCity.

All of my cities are at the maximum percentage to discover a new technology every day (25 percent).

In addition, I am using different cities for specific purposes.  One is for job training, another is for acquiring prevention cards, one is for mining backgrounds and animations, and another is for the "Bids" that I place on the market.  This way, if I do get the building (or citizen) that I bid on . . . it doesn't completely mess-up the city's under/over employment ratio.

Lastly, I also have a city with only citizens (for when I need to distribute the workers in and out of all the cities).

I originally invested around $1,400 USD into the game, and now I can happily say that I have already got back what I put into it.

At the moment, I am just reinvesting my profits back into my cities.

I truly believe in the longevity of dCity and of course the lifespan of it's developer😄


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My Proposal (Learning at Your Own Pace):

I have noticed for two years now that there is a certain hot topic
that occupies at least 25 percent of all conversations on discord.
This hot topic that I'm referring to is the new players asking . . .

"How Do I Best Build My City?"


Obviously, there is no easy explanation for this . . . some go
for SIM holding rewards (from @dcityfund), other's just try to
obtain a large amount of daily SIM income from their buildings,
other's invest there money in mainly war shares, some buy a ton
of "Weed Farms" for the daily WEED pay-out, other's go for the
  ENTRY from the "Stadium's" and "Gamer's", it goes on and on.

Oh . . . and let's not forget to mention all the extra HIVE you
can earn as well from @dcityrewards (automatically sent to
your HIVE wallet) . . . simply for holding a decent amount of
income, population, popularity, education, and creativity.

The point is . . . I can totally see why a new player
(especially new to HIVE) can be completely overwhelmed
and utterly confused on how everything works.

But luckily . . . I have always thought that the answer
was simple.  Unfortunately, most people don't like
  the answer because it requires extensive reading.

That is . . . studying and learning ALL the aspects of the game.
It's the only REAL way to get the most out of your investment.

Therefore, I am attaching two ESSENTIAL/CRITICAL
links down below from Gerber and @dCityGame.

These links let you know EVERYTHING about the game:

https://dcity.io/info  (Read EVERY Tab)

Unfortunately for the beginner, this route of excessive
reading can be exhausting and could take the person WEEKS
to catch-up to what the veteran players already know.

Things such as not having a certain Tech card to increase your SIM
income (GMO Farming for example), not having enough popularity (to
mine citizens), not having enough crime prevention, not having the
ability to mine new Technologies, and other factors will inevitably
reduce the amount of rewards that you acquire from the game.

Thus . . . it's kinda like throwing your hard-earned money
out the window (if you don't know what you're doing).

SfIJ9Oe - Imgur.gif

So . . . "What if I prepared starter-cities that
are already COMPLETED or OPTIMIZED?"


Introducing the CITY Token (Only for Serious dCity Investors):

The pre-completed (or optimized) city would be
acquiring as much as possible for the new player.

The player will immediately start acquiring the maximum
amount of rewards that the game can provide (SIM, HIVE,
Tech Discovery, Job Training, Citizen Mining, ect...)

Most importantly . . . the new player CAN TAKE
learning ALL the aspects of the game.

I know that if I were just discovering dCity for the first
time, I would probably be up for a week straight (trying to
figure out how to get the most out of my investment).

Basically, the purpose of the CITY token is to let the
brand new player . . . LEARN AT THEIR OWN PACE.


Here Are the Technologies Provided:

All NFT Cards Provided (in Alphabetical Order):

AI Technology 1 Technology Factory Requires Less Workers
Advanced Healthcare 1 Technology 15% Fewer Sick People During Pandemic
Advanced Management 1 Technology Office Plus Five Income
Advanced Prayer 10 Technology 10% Fewer Sick People During Pandemic (Stacks)
Apartment 1 Building Provides Workers Plus Income
Art Museum 1 Combined Building Creativity Bonus Plus Twenty Income
Artists 1 Citizens Provides Workers Plus Creativity
Barracks 25 Building Your City Needs Workers
Basic Accounting 1 Technology Office Plus One Income
Basic Automation 1 Technology Factory Plus Three Income
Basic Home 40 Building Your City Needs Workers
Better Documentation Practice 1 Technology Speed-up Tech Cooldown
Church 1 Building Gives One Tax Refund
Clear Sky 1 Background Common Background
Clouds 1 Animation Moving Background
Cold Fusion 1 Technology Removes Negative Popularity
Crisis Bond 1 Prevention Card One Week Crisis Prevention
Defi 1 Technology One Percent Increase in Income
Drone Technology 1 Technology Decrease Crime Chance
Dyson Sphere 1 Technology Solar Plant Plus Eight Income
ECO Energy 1 Technology Solar Plant and Wind Turbine Plus Two Income
Energy Reload 1 Prevention Card One Week Crisis Prevention
Experimental Healthcare 1 Technology Expermental Lab Income Plus Five
Farm 40 Building SIM Income and Workers
Free Education 1 Technology University Education Times Two
Free Internet Connection 1 Technology Education Plus Five Percent
Fully Automated Brewery 1 Technology Doubles BEER Production
GMO Farming 1 Technology Farm Income Plus Four
Healthcare AI 1 Technology Hospital Reduces Cost of Pandemic
Job Center 34 Building Increases Daily Job Training by Three Percent (Each) Total: 102 Percent
Law Firm 1 Building Reduces All Taxes by Ten Percent
Mining Operation - BTC 1 Technology Six Percent SIM Income Bonus
Neural Network 1 Technology Decreases Crime Chance by Ten Percent
Night 1 Background Common Background
Open Source 1 Technology Ten Percent Increase to Education
Park 30 Building Increases Popularity
Police Equipment 1 Technology Police Station Reduces Crime by One Percent
Police Staion 10 Building Decreases Chance for Crime
Prepared Police 1 Prevention Card One Week Crisis Prevention
Printers Upgrade 1 Technology Central Bank Income Increase
Research Center 1 Building Education Plus Ten (Each)
Robocop 1 Technology Police Station Reduces Crime by Two Percent
Ruins 1 Building Rare Third Edition Card
Student 3 Citizens Population and Tax Refund
Tests on Humans 1 Technology Increases Chance to Find Vaccine Prevention Card
University 43 Building Education Plus Twenty (With "Free Education" Card) Total: 25 Percent Discovery (Maximum)
Volcano 1 Background Rare Background
Worker 74 Citizens Your City Needs Workers
Workers 125 Citizens Your City Needs Workers

You can also view the city on:  https://dcity.io/city?c=citytoken



So . . . anyone can buy the starter city simply by purchasing
my brand new token on Hive-Engine (for 200 HIVE) . . . CITY

As you may have seen, the CITY already comes
with the maximum 7 percent income bonus (with
the "MINING-BTC" technology card).  Also included
is the daily maximum 'Tech' discovery probability
  percentage (25%) and 100 percent daily job training.

   Thus . . . consistently preventing general crime in the city.


New Players Purchasing a CITY:

  I cannot emphasize the importance of this topic enough . . .

  After you obtain the city you MUST carefully start
reading Gerber's dCity information page and
manual.   Again . . . it explains EVERYTHING
(in exquisite detail) that you will want to know
to get the most out of your investment.


If you are a new player . . . I would read his information
page and manual TWICE.  There is a lot of stuff there.

Also . . . @Ecoinstant, @Nervi, and
@Jelly13 have great suggestions on
how to start and continue building
your city for some excellent returns.

Purchasing a city is not cheap (obviously) so I recommend
using another one of Gerber's website's . . . https://beeswap.dcity.io

This site literally saves you 75 percent in fees when you
deposit HIVE into your Hive-Engine Wallet.  That's a significant
percentage when depositing a large amount of HIVE.

Lastly, after acquiring your city, I would recommend that you
IMMEDIATELY start unlocking your Tech cards. There is a
minimum of 24 hours before you can unlock the next one.

You will already own 26 out of the 30
available Technology cards . . . this
means that you can immediately start
selling them on the market (when you
  get a duplicate) for some extra income.

You also may want to consider holding on to those extra technology cards.
Gerber may announce at any time a new combined building. When the
"Farm Corporation" was created, we discovered that we needed at least
three GMO farming tech cards. Consequently . . . that ate-up a lot of
those 'tier-1' tech cards and thus the price for those cards went up.

Additionally, when the 3rd edition was released, Gerber informed
us that the ability to add more combined buildings became a lot
  easier for him (with the new coding released with the 3rd Edition).



Terms and Conditions:

I will send the entire city (only to the username that purchased
the city) within 24 hours of purchase/7 days a week.


Why Am I Doing This?:

I had the idea of creating CITY token about 7 months ago.

I told myself that I would buy/create the token after I made
twenty alt cities to acquire as many tech cards as possible.
Well . . . 3 more cities later (now 23 cities in total)  I finally
 decided to pull the trigger on buying CITY token.   I had been
waiting to accumulate enough "Scientists" (through job
training) to achieve the maximum tech discovery.

It took awhile . . . but I finally got there.

So now . . . as crazy as it may sound . . . I'd like to be a
   part of dCity somehow . . . because I truly love the game.

This is the game that I was waiting for . . . for five long years.

I always see people posting and/or promoting things regarding dCity. 
So this obviously means that the game means a lot to them as well.

Thus . . . this would be my contribution.


If you haven't done so already . . . let @Gerber know
you appreciate all his hard work with the game (and
for ALWAYS being on discord to answer people's
questions) by voting for him as a witness.

That's located here . . . https://peakd.com/me/witnesses

Also . . . a big "Thank-You" to @Scriptioner, @Nervi
  and @Ecoinstant for continuously being so helpful.


So anyways . . . I hope to keep these optimized
cities readily available to all the new players.

If they have a ton of questions (on
discord) about building their cities
    and have some extra HIVE to spend . . .
please direct them to this post.

dCITY Discord:  https://discord.gg/zcWTRRcswf

CITY Discord:  https://discord.gg/cXGeG7XnuF


bee done with coin 1d.png

Image Source:   HERE


It is a well written post (well, the Tax plan is presented in weird way but I hope I was able to read it correctly) so I couldn't keep myself away from that upvote button.

Unfortunately, the starter city makes zero sense for the buyer. Whatever your strategy and/or budget, there is a couple of cards you do not need. If you are fine with paying the premium, you should look for a personalised service rather than a lets-get-rid-of-some-inconvenient-cards package.


Thanks. It took a couple weeks to write because I wanted to include everything (presidential bid, anniversary, token, ect...).

As far as your comment . . . you are always so OPTIMISTIC! lol. :)

Let me respectfully disagree . . . here's why . . .

The city is meant for the SERIOUS investor that wants to start immediately and stay in the game LONG term. Let me repeat . . . LONG term.

Which means . . . they will EVENTUALLY need those tech cards (that you say are not needed).

EVERY tech card is NEEDED now.

Even "Cold Fusion."


I treat people the way they deserve. You have seen me talk to a lot of randoms giving their precious advice about the game when they did not even bother to read rules. OTOH, you know your stuff and put in a lot of effort so why not talk respectfully even when pointing out you are trying to pull off an asymetrical trade?

If you can post a city that benefits from Ruins AND a bunch of Workers/Barracks, we can start a conversation with a potential to help many people to understand our great game.


umm . . . didn't think I was being disrespectful . . . just "DIRECT"

People seem to think that they should be getting an incredible ROI even though they haven't read just the simple basic rules of the game. After learning the rules you can make the most out of your investment (as you know) but that takes a lot of reading. Which people seem unwilling to do (as you know).

Tell you what . . . since I like you . . . lol . . . you tell me VERBATIM what to put instead and I will copy and paste it into the post. I will even give you credit if you'd like :)


didn't think I was being disrespectful

I never said you were, I just explained my own tone (respectful yet direct) based on what might have been misunderstanding yours.

you tell me VERBATIM what to put instead and I will copy and paste it into the post.

No, thanks.


I always like talking about the game with players that enjoy it as much as I do :)

...so please don't hesitate to always leave comments on my posts! (i still remember when you came within a day of winning my apartment a couple of years ago btw!)


Don't be discouraged from a few harsh words from the big bad wolf. Personally i think there's a decent amount of merit in your ideas and i can relate to your enthousiasm. I still have hopes for Dcity and key in any success in the long term is player involvement.So kudos to your ideas and the underlying thoughts.

Something the current president seems oblivious to.


I really appreciate that. A lot of people don't realize the amount of work that goes into putting something like this together (not to mention just putting the post together). As far as the big bad wolf . . . I never take anything personal coming from Jelly :) I've known him for quite awhile.

I always think of this gif whenever I see him commenting in discord . . . lol.

Thanks for commenting BTW!


Can't you tell a wolf from a bear or a panda??? Don't you feel oblivious?

I am surely not oblivious to your 2020 series that shared the same selling techniques (with slightly better town-building techniques).

No problem with either, my target audience has always been totally different so feel free to browse through my posts and add leave comments that add value to your gang - I want everyone to find their comfortable spot in dCity (which is btw impossible for those who insist on both taking the stage and having their feelings protected).


...this is making it sound like you are addressing me (when you are actually addressing Luca) 🤔


The comment layers are shown correctly on my screen and I used "oblivious" twice. I can't help you any further.


... didn't ask for your help. Just pointing out how it appears on peakd (not hive.blog).


Oh, I see. I did not know your last dCity tagged post is from 2020 as well - I agree it looks wrong.
OTOH, no big deal as you are the only person to read this on peakd because their crowd is well protected with multiple Click-to-Display-Comment layers. Not that I blame you for going one extra step for your audience, though.


Appreciate it!

Also . . . I'm always up to discuss different ways we can make things better or easier (regarding dCity) . . . and I value your opinion. So feel free to reach out any time!


Yeah, i gotta take the credit for the wolf remark, but don't be offended, i rather enjoy the huffing and puffing. But rest assured, the cute bear image is not fooling me one bit. ;)

As far as the oblivious part is concerned, i was merely referencing to your current tax levels. Ofcourse all the good will (kudos again Mary)or malcontent are irrelevant if nothing new happens on the investment part of this investment game.


I do not think it is cool to explain my policy in anyone else's candidate post but I thoroughly enjoyed your word selection so let me make an exception.

The investment part of this investment game is @gerber doing some smart stuff with all the money that was raised for dCity cards over the two years. Those assets back the SIM currency. You are fully entitled to expect 10 SIM a day (=3650 SIM a year) off your average card you minted for 800 SIM. It is 450% APR but you are a modest guy that has always settled for 300%. The only issue is that the actual investment is not making 450% - more like 45%. So you either Ponzify in enough dumb people or accept SIM value going down three-fold.

With the populists like you or Mary discarding all the taxes, the income tax of 80% keeps the print off an average down to 730 SIM a year for a measly 90% APR (someone must have been lazy not to keep pace with that). Not enough to turn dCity into Zimbabwe, good enough to harm the currency holders.

At the end it all comes down to SIM holders' votes. If I had a grand total of 35k SIM Power combined between my accounts (my apologies if I missed any alts of yours I do not know), I would be trying to sink the token (in order to be able to rebuy cheap) way harder than you do. I have more than that so even though I think throwing an irresponsible party every now and then is fun, I decided to step in when I felt this lunacy had lasted too long.


I am glad you made an exception and quite pleased to hear my word selection is appreciated by you. The feeling is mutual and i must admit that your particular style and sarcasm has grown on me in my absence from active play.

As you may have gathered from some of my latest remarks,i left Dcity because i was dissapointed in the lack of developments on the investment part of the game and missed opportunities. Also i was frustrated that any input given seemed to fall on barren ground.

With the shifted focus on holding rewards my enthousiasm slowly recovered, as i think that's the economic model that fits the bill perfectly for sustainable growth of the game, as long as it is backed by actual investments with an actual yield. And when i finally realised that the APR in Hive was invertedly proportional to the price of sim (higher apr with lower sim price) i realised that ia better sim/hive peg had emerged. Dcity might not be a dead horse, but rather a crippled pony, in need of a vet and some decent fattening up.

For the first time in a long while i started buying cards again instead of just sellng them off. The investment side of the game is still vague and non-transparent, but there is enough to sustain a balanced peg (not so much on your tax levels) and opportunities a plenty to fatten up the pot. But those will likely remain missed opportunities as i see little happening on idea or investment level.

Maybe i have gone a bit off track wth this comment, starts to look like a post.


Noone listens to you because you listen to noone, refusing to address any points raised. Your frustration is understandable. So is its origin.


My replies are not limited to a format. Still plenty points raised were addressed, if you read between the lines a bit. But i might draft a bulletpoint, direct response to address each pont raised with the attention befitting to non horse manure remarks in a format more to your liking.


... and as far as getting rid of "inconvenient" cards ... you should know that all the extra cards become "inconvenient" (for players like us) because we have so many of them. Meaning ALL the cards.

Besides "war shares" that is.


Great post! Nice to see someone who likes the game like you do. Good luck in the presidential race and with your projects!