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It has been quite sometime I made a discussion post in here and today I will be discussing "Hate" and why people should stay away from it. I know you might probably think that it isn't possible for people to stay off hate but I tell you, that notion of yours is false. Sit back and relax while I give you my view of this word.


What is hate?

Hate is intensely disliking someone or something. The two words there "someone" or "something" simply explains in details that hate can be shown to human, animal and things. To be clear, this is an uncontrolled feeling exhibited by humans towards another or thing due to a perceived wrongful act by the other person or thing.

Anyway, I feel there's a contradiction already because if hate is as a result of perceived wrongful act or behavior by people,why then then do some people hate at first sight?

Huh! Did he say hate at first sight? Yeah, you read it right. I know fully well that the common one we all are used to is love at first sight but today, I bring you the opposition.

Why do people Hate?

This question can be answered by anyone in their own way. First, I believe people hate due to lack of understanding. Personally, I'm a victim of this reason of hate. You might agree with me that not everyone have the best way of expressing themselves. While people exist that talks alot, other are more less of talking type and when such person tries his/her little best to explain themselves and gets misunderstood, they give up and stop trying which always leads to others thinking the worst of them, thereby developing the feeling of hate towards them.

Secondly, stress also can contribute to the reason people hate. In a country like ours where it feels like everyone is angry due to the bad nature of the economy, it is very easy to develop this hate feeling. Someone once said to me that everyone in this country is angry 😡 and i kind of agree with him because it will surprise you to see how people here flame 🔥 up over irrelevant matters. Anyway, hating someone due to the fact that you're stressed out and they wouldn't stop doing whatever you want to stop is actually your bad and not theirs. You're probably a child who can't control his/her feelings.

There are lots of reasons people hate others which I'm obviously not interested in discussing, rather, I feel the need to tell you why you shouldn't hate.

Why you shouldn't hate

  • Hate is poisonous and no one wants to have poison around them. Hate is a mental venom that drains and eat one up until they become helpless. It's easier to love than hate because loving helps you reason with a clear mind while hate puts bianess in your mind at all time, leading you to make the wrong decisions. Just imagine you hating on someone like me. Damn, what a waste of hate. You will probably be fueling me by hating on me. Anyway, that's by the way.
  • The worst thing you will do to yourself is hating someone because of what you heard from others about them. If you must hate, let it be a judgement to passed on your own. I remember when I was a toddler, when asked why did I like my friend, I answered, because he likes me. You see as a child, I reciprocated what I received but that isn't the same now as an adult. Now, I have better reason to like others even when I don't get theirs back.
  • Another important reason not to hate is, hate can cause violence. Unfortunately, I have to use my country as an example again. We found ourselves in an environment where belief differs. Though in a well organized place this shouldn't be an issue but the reverse is the case in ours. Here people hates you because you have different belief from theirs and the one I consider worst is hating out of religious difference.

Just few weeks back, a young university lady was mobbed, stoned to death and set ablaze over what was considered as blasphemy by a certain religion. Last I checked, gods were supposed to be fighting for people not the other way round. When you trace the origin of this incidence, you will realize that all this is as a result of hate.

Finally, I want to conclude that saying that hate does no one any good. If you're such a person that harbors hate in your mind, it's time to let go and free yourself from such bondage. Love more and because you know it loving will be part of you.

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