Day 1753: 5 Minute Freewrite: WEdnesday - Prompt: exercise ball


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Prompt: exercise ball

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  • Remember The Most Dangerous Writing App. You set the time - 5 min - and start typing. Don’t stop!!! It will destroy what you wrote if you stop for more than 3 seconds - and backspace does not count as writing on the app. If you are prone to stop and think - this app forces you to keep going. You can make corrections after the 5 minutes are over.

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It has always been Ola's family tradition to exchange gifts on boxing day, the twins weree always excited because they just have to choose between dad or mom for the gift exchange.
The selection process is done by rolling paper, the twin will pick one each and open it to see who they chose. The parent's expectations of the kids aren't usually high but it is the other way around for the kids, they are always looking forward to getting expensive gifts on the 26th of December.

It was on the 24th of December 2021 when Vivian saw her dad alight from the car with a deflated exercise ball, she was curious and wanted to ask why dad bought it, she eventually remembered the boxing dayy was in two days so she assume it was a gift.

Who gives an exercise ball as a gift in this modern world? She asked herself as she went back to her room.

A lot was running through her head and she prayed not to choose her dad's name for the gift exchange because she needed something more valuable.

The family decided to roll paper immediately after dinner on Christmas day and Vivian chose her dad's name, she wasn't happy and wished she could swap with Victoria.

She sluggishly left the table after her meal and Victoria called her back because she didn't like her mood.

Are you sad because you choose Dad? Victoria asked but Vivian didn't answer so Victoria stretched her paper and asked for a swap.
Vivian's mood changed immediately, she first gave a smile and went laughing as she swapped the paper. "You are the best sister in the world" were her last words as she ran up the stairs.
Victoria was used to sacrificing a lot for Vivian, she is always contented, unlike Vivian who always wants everything for herself.
The twins woke up with excitement on boxing day and went straight to freshen up before going to their parent's room for the biggest deal of the year.

Vivian was secretly laughing at her sister because she knew what her dad brought home as a gift, they rushed with everything they had to do and went to knock on their parent's room.
Good morning dad, good morning mom, they both greeted their parent as they hid their gift pack behind them. The parent was surprised to see that the kids have swapped papers but they didn't bother asking why.

Vivian gave her mom a gift and got a beautiful gown in exchange, she ran out of the room to go try them on immediately. Victoria gave her dad a gift as well, he told her to take the exercise ball and whatever is underneath it. She took the deflated ball and found nothing underneath it, Mr. Ola got out of bed and went to check his car for the missing gift.

He returned with a new smartphone and handed it over to Victoria, she was happy and left for her room as well. Vivian came out with a gown and was surprised to see a new phone with her sister, where did you get that? She asked and Victoria replied with the right answer.

She felt bitter immediately, I thought he got you an exercise ball. Their father walked in and interrupted the conversation, the ball was given as a gift for purchasing the phone so since owns the phone, the ball belongs to her.