MAPXV Weekly Statement & News - Important Announcement - 19 April 2020 [MAP Hive FinTech]


Welcome to our weekly account statement.


As has been extensively announced, MAPXV is winding down and members need to make a choice whether to convert their MAPXV into MAXUV tokens or into STEEM/HIVE. Some updated news below.

I do not wish to repeat myself, so token-holders must read these posts:
MAPXV Daily Report & News - - 28 Mar 2020 on SteemPeak, or
MAPXV Daily Report & News - - 28 Mar 2020 (Hive) on PeakD.

The MAPXV account cannot visibly publish on Steem, hence is a waste of time doing so. Therefore, token-holders must pay attention here on Hive.

There is a long queue for cashing out and power-downs are slow. It is therefore important to get in touch and express your decision as to what you wish to do with your tokens. You may either leave a comment below or contact us at the MAP FinTech Discord channel.

MAP FinTech has now launched the new MPATH token - this has some consequences.

This now frees up the MAXUV market and the tokens will again be on offer at 1 STEEM. Our offer to buy back your MAPXV tokens for a combination of coins or tokens will now expire this Saturday 25 April. After that, we shall only take back MAPXV tokens for STEEM or MAXUV, at the set prices of 1.2 STEEM or 1.3 MAXUV per MAPXV. That will last for 2 more weeks, taking us to Saturday 9 May. After that, we shall perform an automatic 1:1 swap of MAPXV for MAXUV and all remaining MAPXV tokens shall become worthless.

Any cashing-out options that are in the powering-down queue will continue to be processed after the 25th April, so it is important to initiate that before this deadline.

This winding-down process has been in operation for almost one month already. I cannot do anything about members who do not read posts or comments and who are just not paying attention to their investment. There has been ample time to react and you have one more week to do so. This now affects just a few small investors, but I do not wish them to miss out on our very favourable cashing-out options.

Lastly, please note that the figures below will be abbreviated to just show the winding-down process. The active tokens are coming down quite quickly, which is good to see, and I am hoping they will be zero by the end of next week.

Have a fine week!

MAPXV Headline Numbers

The headline figures are:

MAPXV tokens active = 1616 (20,000 max)
SP in @MAPXV = 8,509
Mining SP = none
Other STEEM = 54
Total STEEM = 8,563

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine to maintain market liquidity plus some investments. Also note that values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAPXV account.

Note also that some tokens have been sent back to MAPXV but are still awaiting payout due to the power-downs; it thus can look as if there is more STEEM compared to tokens, but that gets adjusted on Mondays.

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Any questions, please ask in the comments below, or you may ask in our new public Discord room.