Teaching your children about life.


Kids are wonderful and we should be happy to be around them and make them happy and succesful.

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It is our duty as parents to guide them and put them through the right path which will make them to have a wonderful future and make them have the right understanding of how they should live a good life that will make them to be valuable to the society and make them to valuable to themselves too..

We should make sure that from the early stage we are already raising our kids rightly , we should make sure that we start educating them from early stage , you should teach them the importance of moral values, you should teach them the importance of creating value, you need to teach them the importance of behaving in the right manner, you need to teach them the importance of why they need to stay away from crimes.. you also have to make them understand the benefits of passion and why they need to be passionate about those things which makes them happy..

Kids tend to learn quickly from what they watch or see , while you are trying to guide them you need to know that your character also determines what they will learn from you , if you display bad character then your kids will start learning the bad characters and if it is good characters that you display then you will be able to teach them good characters because your actions and behaviours have an impact on your kids because they will learn from what they see you do ..so that is why you have to ensure that you lead by example and practice what you preach to your kids..

Imagine telling your children why they need to be caring and loving to others but when your neighbour comes to you for help ,you insult the neighbour and embarrass them because you do not want to help them , you made the neighbour feel so very sad and less of themselves.. your kids are watching and they notice all these things, now how will you make the kids to truly believe that they need to be caring and loving when they see their parents doing the opposite?? Of course it will affect the psychology of those kids and that is not a good thing ..

We should be able to teach our kids the importance of responsibilities, we need to teach them that they need to be prepared to always take responsibilities for the actions that they take, let them know that if they do something wrong they should be willing to admit it and they should just accept that they are wrong and they should avoid repeating it again..

We should teach the kids the importance of patience, we should make them realize that they need to be patient if they want to achieve anything in life..

We should teach the kids the importance of having a great career, we need to make them understand the importance of quality education and how they can use it to create a beautiful career for themselves..

We should also teach them the importance of family, we should make them know that creating an amazing family is very important and they need to encourage it because a society with wonderful families would make it a sane society and a society that is loving and interesting to live in..


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