Evening Run


I just finished a 9.172km running that lasted about 0hh:41mm:23ss !


Strava calls it an evening run because I started before 9pm, but it was of course another night run. Since it's our turn this week end to switch to winter time, there'll be even less chance that I will run in daylight. I am trying to keep the momentum, and like I said bring back some consistency with at least a run every other day. I managed that so far this week with 3 runs and over 21km. This run today was the longest of the three by far, not the fastest, but not slow either at 7:16 min/mile. And I was able to significantly speed up during the last mile. That's kind of progress too. I just need to keep at it.

At 39F or 4 degrees Celsius, the temperature helps me to get motivated. I just like this weather, particularly today when the night sky was clear and the humidity low. But for once I didn't see any deer, I'm so used to it, that I was disappointed. A few rabbits though. Not much.

Not sure about the plan for this week end yet. Definitely at least one run (still thinking intervals on the running track but I keep postponing it), and maybe a bit of cycling. Lots to do in the yard and the house though, so we'll see how it goes.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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