Nightfall run


I just finished a 6.903km running that lasted about 0hh:34mm:51ss !


The alternating rule that I started to follow meant Friday was a running day. In spite of the heat (still around 82F or 28C at 9pm, before I got started), and being very tired due to lack of sleep, I eventually found the motivation. The good news is that even with me still being a dumbass, and not stretching at all (nor warming up/cooling down), the soreness is still reducing. I also felt quite lighter on my feet today. However, I managed to start a bit slower at a pace I hoped I could sustain. And indeed I did, it actually kept getting a little better along the way with the average same as last run:


I chose the exact same route again, but this time I added the extra loop I wanted to but didn't feel comfortable enough to add at the end of last run. And another indicator I felt better, my heart rate stayed on average a bit lower than previously, and my cadence was more uniform, albeit still way too low. So, in short: a longer run at the same pace, with significantly better sensations. All good signs I am making progress! However, it kind of felt the progress was slow. Then I repeated myself I only resumed training a week ago, and I should be glad of how it is going right now. I think one more week of keeping this trend with slightly increased mileage, and I should be ready to add a bit of speed already. And maybe I will finally start stretching!
Saturday should be a cycling day, and also a hot one. Till then, keep Exhausting!

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