Ideas for life



Fish can catch fish without closing their eyes
So just one sight is not enough
You have to have knowledge.

The same thing applies with rage, whether you are a first grader or a graduate.

Everything in this world is already right in itself
Your point of view is often wrong.

The world praises those who pay, but those who deceive are ignored.

Mindfulness is life, and being unconscious is the same as dying.

Just as there are gaps in perfection, so there is gaps in perfection.

If you are tired, rest, if you are heavy, let go, if you are confused, stop and everything will be calm.

If you want to be happy in this world, do not make everything your own.

If you judge only others, you will not have time to love others.

A dumb person can become a buyer if he knows who he is.
But the idiot who considers himself a teacher is a idiot.

A gossip is a person who enjoys eating junk food.
If you sit down and mingle with him, you are just like them.

The most important thing is not whether there is a future or not.
The important thing is that this life is definitely there.
How do you use your life in this life?

Not everyone is born with anxiety
Life without help is worthless.