Do not give up hope



When you want more
Greed can happen.

When expectations do not come true
There will be anger.

For my part, it was good
Isn't what you get back good or bad?

I tried my best
The goal is not to get as much as you want.

The higher your expectations in life, the farther away from happiness.

He does not love me as much as I do ...
Who does not deserve my kindness ...
He can not love ...
He did not help as I did ...
The impact on what you give
If you set expectations that will be the same, it will burn hotter.

Haven't you seen a lot of people who are reluctant to smile back even if you smile?

You don't get back what you give in life
Do not treat everyone with expectations.
Even if some people feel the same way about you
It is best not to expect anything in return, as this can lead to immediate misconceptions.