Crypto as the future of money - here's what to expect in the coming years



Usually, it's always about how many people you can fool into trusting a system, but to lay off the old business model built upon a national currency, enslaving people in their one supposed wealth-building process, we're going to be ushered into an economy with quite the number of utility to play with, do the math, actual homework calls so trust becomes a free-flowing piece of the equation.

Utility - the front roll.

People usually love calling out the community as the structure that holds the system steady, to some extent, this is true, but before there's a community, there's a layer of utility giving this group a common goal or vision or say interest?

A community can easily start fading, the process is most often unnoticed until it's done, similarly, utility grows the weight of the equation mostly untracked.

The utility is always a front roll, this is where people decide upon the value from fundamentals, the base structures, this is where people would look at Bitcoin and see a network of absolute security at its finest, people are gonna look at Hive and find scalability, speed and a network with a wide range of projects all bringing meritable ends.

Developments - the center pieces

There's always a motherboard to any system, this is where the industry breaths life and survives the death rally, unfortunately, in some cases or project cases, people happen to be the centerpieces. Let's take company CEOs for an example, a good company CEO strives to make sure that even if all the employees there, including himself, were to be fired, the company would still run smoothly

When the centerpiece of any project becomes a person, there's a troubling future when they are no more. One of the unique features of crypto is that it's ever developing, every season is a building package. This is where utility is built, this is where a lot of people will look to the builder's economy and pick their sustainable investment structures.

Developments are always going to be a crucial piece of the puzzle, the major argument that separates crypto from fiat is developments, there's actually a structure to draw value from, this is why a basket of assets containing numerous cryptocurrencies will be a huge business not only for financial institutions looking to offer a basic level service of investment options but will also be a huge part of fund allocations.


Wide range of investments - building sustainable frameworks

I believe that moving forward, we're going to see more people embracing the power of diversity in well-developed projects, within the most powerful framework: crypto.

The last thing you wanna do is get all up in your own shits, this is where the arms that keep the system upholding the title of sustainability gain their strength, just as there are runups, downturns coexist, and the effects are measured by how much diversified the portfolio is at the end of the day, because, this is what basically fights off the negative running balances.

There are quite a lot of arms to crypto that makes it unique, something about money will eventually make sense when all the pieces and layers of structural developments come together, where we find ourselves years to come is in an economy with so much of this functionality, no more dysfunctional fiat economy to bear losses of circle jerks

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