Let it be left



The son took his aging father to a restaurant.
The father is old and disabled, so when he eats, the food is spoiled.
He also slipped on his father's pants and shirt.
People in other circles looked at his father with disgust
The son is calm.
After eating and drinking, the son, who was not ashamed of what his father was doing, got up from his chair and took him to the bathroom.
I thoroughly wiped off the dirt in the bathroom.
I put the shirt back on neatly.
I combed my hair to make sure it was straight.
I wiped my glasses and put them back on.
When the two of them came out of the bathroom, the whole restaurant was so embarrassed that they could not tell.
An old man yelled at his son as he approached his father to clear the bill and return home.
"Leather ...
Don't you think there is something left? "
"I did not leave, sir." The young man replied.
The old man said, "Of course, there are lessons left for every son in this restaurant, and hopes for every father."
There is a big pile left. "
The whole restaurant was quieter than before.