Gigabyte Aorus FO48U monitor - dimensions, unboxing, setting up


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So in the last video I talked about buying the 48 inch monitor. This is a huge monitor. Yes playing games on it will look and feel amazing. Yes moves are going to look great. However, practically, make sure you take some measurements otherwise you might regret buying.

First things first - it's a already huge monitor inside a even bigger box. Watch the video for the dimensions of the box. Will it fit in your car? It barely fit in my Hyundai i20 hatch which allows me to lower the back seats to make more room in the trunk.

Secondly, how do you transport the monitor safely to your home? yes it is in a box but you want to be able to lift the box without breaking your back or dropping it. If you park your car far from your house, you might need some way of transporting it to your house. Or pay for delivery which will undoubtedly add to the cost.

Thirdly, do you have a big enough desk for a 48 inch monitor? Because the monitor legs is almost as wide as the monitor, if your desk isn't wide enough you won't be able to even put the monitor on your desk. You can see from my video that my desk is just big enough for this monitor.

You will find out how I set up the monitor in this video, and all the measurements you need to consider whether or not to buy this monitor. Enjoy the video!

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