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Greetings and welcome dear readers of this prestigious platform, after a Christmas Eve of family sharing, we return with the usual socialization of content loaded with information associated with the world of cryptocurrencies and the market in general.

In this opportunity I would like to share with you a topic that has been echoing in the different social networks that we know and that is related to the behavior that the SOS token has been performing.

To put this token into context, it is associated with the openDao organization, which has gained popularity in the days leading up to Christmas Eve, due to the launch of a sudden airdrop for users who have been doing it. economic transactions from OpenSea.

The innovation of this airdrop is that the amount of reclaimable tokens was associated with the amount of economic transactions carried out on the platform, hence, the amount of tokens received was directly proportional to our participation in the project.

In this sense, the participation did not wait and by Sunday, December 26, more than 240 thousand people had already made the claim of their token and more when it had skyrocketed in more of a thousand percent, an increase that shocked the community by presenting greater profitability than known cryptocurrencies or tokens.

In the same way, beyond the euphoria of the users at a certain moment, it is necessary to know that the organization decentralizes OpenDao, it was not responsible for the airdrop generated, which we must handle as a Alert information to possible scams behind the project, so it is essential to look for information relevant to the contract we signed to claim the SOS tokens.

Fig.2. OpenDao Price Action Chart. Author: coinmarketcap

Doubts are created, since very little information is known about the initiative, which causes a lot of uncertainty among users who have not yet come to claim their tokens, in such a way it is valid ask ourselves, will it be safe to do the SOS token claim process?

Without a doubt, it is an approach that each user must handle and decide, which is why it is necessary to do a bibliographic review in this regard, associated with the contract used for the claims and the possible scams or scams that are assumed when these contracts are signed, hence we must be cautious and not be driven by market sentiments or by what other users do.


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