Rice planting season has arrived

Hello all homested families, How are you today, I hope you and your family at home are always in great health and happiness...

My little story about the extraordinary day this afternoon, Around 5 pm I went to my rice fields to go back to see the rice seeds that my mother had planted a few days ago, The atmosphere this afternoon is quite cold because it is cloudy every night it rains on around me, two days ago when the weather was sunny I also came here to clean the weeds around my own rice fields by spraying, and today I saw that the weeds were dead and dry.

The people in my village have returned to their respective rice fields after harvesting a few months ago, And finally the rice planting season and seed care have returned, Just like what I have been doing in the past few weeks starting from hoeing and planting new seeds for the following preparations his.

I continue to do some preparations while waiting for the rice seeds to grow longer, I hoe my rice fields, I have finished cleaning some of the rice fields and will be ready to plant rice, But there are some more that I haven't hoeed yet it still looks a lot of weeds growing

in the rice fields the location is quite strategic of course because there is a flow of water which is quite easy for me when the dry season arrives, my mother also helps in my rice fields such as planting long beans and some sweet potato trees around the rice fields, so this is quite a thing amazing for the next few months there will be a harvest of long beans and sweet potatoes...

that's all for today from my story about rice field activities in my village, see you in the next issue, Peace be upon us all...

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