Lathrecista asiatica Special Edition | Black And White

This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes today

Hello everyone, I am very happy of course tonight I can greet you all again in this amazing community for an extraordinary challenge of course, Today I came to a forest full of palm trees this is my friend's garden, a few days ago I met with my friend asked for permission to come to his garden to take some pictures of small insects in the grass, I saw a lot of green grass here and it looked fresh...

My eyes fell on one of the small twigs in this forest, where I saw a type of insect, namely a dragonfly with a red tail, he looked happy standing on this branch, this dragonfly is known as Lathrecista asiatica I took some photos with great patience because occasionally this dragonfly flies and moves from place to place. Take a look at some of these pictures and notice how beautiful her eyes are..

Lathrecista asiatica|Black and White

Thank you all brothers and sisters for today's edition, Greetings from me @macro1997 share and comment on my post.

Keep the spirit and never give up keep working💪📷

CameraReno6 5G + Macro Lens
CategoryBlack and White
EditingSnapseed + Lightroom