The Ship Has Arrived - "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

The Ship Has Arrived - A Short Story for the weekly writing contest #Pic1000 "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

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The Ship Has Arrived

Day 0

The Merchant Vessel just left the dockyard. The dealer paid a hefty price for our tobacco: apparently there's some kind of cigarette-frenzy back in the United Kingdom, so he was all desperate to buy our crop.

Good for us, I guess! With the money, we were able to buy all the supplies for the next month or so: clothes, alcohol, tools, and even some fancy perfumes for our wives!

Day 31

That's weird. The Merchant Ship should have arrived here in our town by yesterday. Since I came to the colony, they were never even a day late.

Well, no biggie. They'll probably be here in the next few days.

Day 42

While the rest of the folks still think that the ship will be here shortly, I'm sure that they'll not come this month. Only God knows what may have happened to them, but they'll obviously not come here almost 2 weeks later. Nonetheless, we still have supplies for the next few weeks... but when the next ship comes, we'll have to buy a lot of stuff to replenish our stocks.

Day 63

No ship came. It's been more than 2 months that we're isolated from the rest of the world. It feels...disturbing.

We've started rationing everything, from water to tool repairs. We caught John trying to steal some bottles of Whiskey, so we had to quickly build a makeshift jail in order to arrest him.

Day 98

No one's respecting the rationing anymore. They're all dirty thieves that have no morals standards. In the name of the safety, I broke into the barn, took all the little resources that we still had left, and brought everything to my home.

Now I'm the protector of the supply, and I'm willing to die while doing my duty. I already warned everyone: thieves will be shot on sight without mercy.

Day 132

Almost everyone left the village and ran away to the forest to try to hunt for some food.

They said that I went crazy over the rationing, that they were all dying from the malnutrition. It's their fault that we have so little left and I had to ration so hard, they were stealing everything.

They're all thieves. All of them. I couldn't trust them anymore.

It's good that they all left.

Day 193


I can't believe it.

After almost half an year?

Is that true?

A Ship Has Arrived...

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You described the bitter reality of people's behavior once they depend on others for even their basic needs.

A real ship or a ghost ship? The journal keeper sounds a bit crazy to me.



I love reading the journal. Wonder what happens next.

Thanks for joining pic1000 👍