Ruined Dinner - #ZapFic50Friday "Unpleasant"


Ruined Dinner - A Short Story to the #ZapFic50Friday "Unpleasant"

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This post is an entry to the ZapFic50Friday "Unpleasant"!

The #ZapFic50Friday is a literary initiative from the Freewriters Community in which writers have to create a story, using the prompt provided, with exactly 50 words: no more, no less!

Ruined Dinner

"This is, without any doubt, the most unpleasant dinner I ever had!" - the incredibly rich but absolutely deaf Duchess Adelaide Bellparks Delafontaine declared, loudly, unaware that all her lackeys had fled the mansion and that the invading barbarians were already at her door, banging on it with a portable ram.

Character/Word Count

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