Pitiful Pirate - #ZapFic50Friday "Palm"

Pitiful Pirate - A Short Story for the weekly writing contest #ZapFic50Friday - Promt: "Palm"

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This post is an entry to the ZapFic50Friday "Palm"!

The #ZapFic50Friday is a literary initiative from the Freewriters Community in which writers have to create a story, using the prompt provided, with exactly 50 words: no more, no less!

Pitiful Pirate

The pitiful pirate punched a person and stole his money.
The pirate's plan was to put the plunder under the palm to hide it from the police.
The problem is that the priest was praying on the porch and saw the pirate hiding the package.
Off to the prison, pirate!

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Off to the prison pirate.
Prayers are heard.
Nice short story dear and good use of the prompt.