The Synergy is on fire! Yodin and Scavo Firebolt + SPT and PLOT Goals. Battle Video Included!

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Welcome to another Splinterchat, I'm your host, LordTimoty - and this week, we have an exciting combination to talk about - it's a pair I use often, and the reason for this: because they're awesome together. You see, when you find an amazing combo that continually gets you wins - you keep using it! Today, I want to share with you a battle with SCAVO FIREBOLT and YODIN. It will be a look at the synergy the pair is able to create - in order to take a good card and transform him into a WINS MACHINE!

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The CARD OF THE WEEK is SCAVO FIREBOLT. He's a great little card in the FIRE splinter. It's a card I actually rather love, and I have mine leveled up to Level 5 - however, for my battle today I only got to play him Level 2 - so will discuss him from there.

The best part about this card is his cost. At 4 mana he is ridicuously cheap given the attack value he brings to a team. You'll notice he has 2 arrow attack, however, by playing the synergy strategy and using YODIN as your summoner, this will instantly pop to +3 arrows! For 4 mana! I know, it's insane, right? His 3 speed boots will also mean he'll be attacking early in a battle, while his 4 health will allow him the opportunity to stay alive for a few hits, and it's high enough that OPPORTUNITY skills on my opposing team won't be able to target him quickly.

All in all, this little guy is solid, especially since he is only level 2! But let's get some further perspective, and see how his stats develop. Keep in mind, this is a RARE card and each BX is worth 20 CARD POWER - That ain't bad, eh?


OK - So as you can see, this is not a card that gets significantly better with levels. I noted before that mine is Level 5 - and looking at his stats, I can see why I took him there. His 3 attack base is solid, and with Yodin - he'd be 4 MANA for 4 ATTACK - Honestly, that's epic! He doesn't gain particularly useful skills that I can access in the SILVER league - his skill kicks in at Level 6, allowing him to do double damage to cards who are stunned. In truth, no card in my deck is able to STUN another yet, so it's a bit of a useless upgrade for me, at least at the moment. I can see how this would come in handy down the track though.

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This is a snapshot of the market as it exists today, 21st May 2022. I have ordered the market from the lowest price per BCX. What is standing out to me is that you can buy this card in bulk for 13 cents per card - which again, isn't bad for a card with 20 Card Power. If you were buying these cards as singles, you would need to pay 15 cents per card. This isn't expensive for this card's awesomeness - and, I'd consider it a good investment to hoard a few of these, as I think their value will only go up. You'll notice with a current CIRCULATION of about 65,000 cards, that this guy will be far more RARE when all the cards start getting combined. My advice, and it's not financial advice, is: get in quick!


That said, -if you don't have the money to buy this card outright, you certainly have a lot of options on the rental market. You see, this little card can be rented at LEVEL 6 - Which will allow you the maximum level in GOLD for only 10 DEC a day! That's crazy, right?

Well, it gets crazier, a maxed out level card can be picked up for 18 DEC a day! While a Level 2 will be 0.5 DEC, and a Level 3 is only 1.6 DEC. In short, this guy is a bargain in the rental market.


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Of course, in every battle, you need to find the right line-up and the right splinter, in order to get the right outcome - I'm talking wins!

Now - the ruleset I found for my SCAVO FIREBOLT battle was one that you don't see too often - 24 MANA (which works well with the low mana cost for SCAVO FIREBOLT) - but, it also removes all abilities (again, works well with SCAVO who has no abilities). You can start to see how all of this is leading to my SCAVO being in a strong position in this battle. The other key factor in playing him is this: my opponent can't use a SNEAK or OPPORTUNITY attack to come around from behind me and take my archers out. Basically - it will be about playing from the front to the back. Big attacks, and gaining an early advantage will be key.


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Let's take a closer look at the line-up, because in a 24 mana battle, you really do need to be making the right decisions and attempting to maximise all your spots. It's a fine balancing act to get things right!

In this case, I took a calculated risk and decided to invest a lot of that mana into YODIN. Why? Because he will increase my archer's attack by +1 each, and everyone's health by 1. That's a pretty worthwhile may to spend the mana; he costs 7, whereas most other summoners cost 4. The extra 3 mana is definitely a value-add in my line-up.

Yodin's BLAST ability, however, is where he truly shines. It will allow my cards to not just damage the tank, but the off-tank also. In this battle line-up, that's a sure-fire way to rip through my enemies team QUICKLY.

Out in front, in my tank position, I play the ANTOID PLATOON. He's a 4 mana card, and usually you would play him for his SHIELD skill - but in a battle without skills, I just needed a card with decent ARMOUR and HEALTH. The intention of this card wasn't to do a lot of damage, but to allow me to focus on my ARROW shooters as my danger cards - using cards in front of them as a SHIELD.

Next up in my line up was the 0 mana FIEND. It is always handy to have 0 mana cards to bulk up your line-up, and in this case - that's what he did! Again, the intention of this card wasn't to be a danger card, but to annoy. I wanted him there to absorb a hit or two, and if he did happen to land a punch - great!

Following on, my DJINN APPRENTICE found his spot in the line-up. This is actually a really good card to play with YODIN because he has high speed. The card plays +2 MAGIC damage initially, but because my opponent played THADDEUS, it dropped me to +1 MAGIC only. With the Yodin BLAST, however, he was still going to be able to do some OK damage to progress my attack.

But then I get to the business end of my offensive: SCAVO FIREBOLT and SPARK PIXIES. Both of these card are awesome in this line-up, because they have +3 ARROW damage each. That's significant in the YODIN battle because it means that they will hit the TANK for 3 damage, and the off-tank will take 2 damage. That's 5 damage each attack! And both only cost 4 mana. The biggest difference between these two is the speed of the PIXIES will likely mean that card will always hit first in the battle, but the +3 speed of SCAVO FIREBOLT will allow him to come in next with a strong follow-up.

In short, this line-up is all about my two archers, and the strategy, in general, is about keeping them out of harm's way, so that they can do their thing: destroy!


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When I first open the battle, I always like to assess my chances of a win. Looking at this battle, I noticed I was playing 2 Melee, 6 Arrows and 1 magic for a total of 9 attack. My opponent was playing 5 Melee, 1 Magic and 2 arrows for a total of 8 attack - HOWEVER, his SILENT SHA-VI doesn't have his SNEAK skill, which drops my opponent's immediate attack significantly, while mine will be enhanced with YODIN'S BLAST.

Early on, I was actually rather confident. In truth, I feel like I was playing a bot, as this is very much a bot line-up - but a dumb bot who can't modify an attack to meet the NO SKILLS ruleset.


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This is a screen recording of the battle, check it out to see hit for hit how the battle plays out!

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At the end of Round 1, you can see that my opponent has taken significant damage, whereas I've barely taken a scratch! It was all about my ARROWS this round, my PIXIE set up the initial attack to weaken my opponent's TANK and OFF-TANK, and by the time SCAVO FIREBOLT hit, he landed the killing blow on both the TANK and OFF-TANK. Beautiful pairings playing out here!


And then ROUND 2 was very much about the clean-up, as I was able to quickly knock out my opponent's cards who all had low health and no armour. With my BLAST ability destroying multiple cards each hit. SCAVO FIREBOLT picked up his third scalp of the battle by taking out the UNDEAD PRIEST. The battle was over my the end of the round, my my team sustaining no damage in the second round, due to my higher speeds ripping through the line-up.


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  • The truth is, I really love playing SCAVO FIREBOLT and YODIN together. They're an exceptional pairing and they work to destroy opponents. It was a no brainer then, that in this week's challenge, I would pair them up.
  • SCAVO FIREBOLT ended up taking THREE kills in this battle. Let's face it: that's huge. He has such high damage (3 Arrows + 2 Blast) that any opponent would need significant armour in order to stop my assault.
  • My SCAVO FIREBOLT worked really well with the FIRE PIXIES. While my focus was on the SCAVO's synergy with YODIN, a lot of my ability to win this battle within two rounds came from that further partnership with PIXIES - as both cards worked with the same intention: target the tank, hurt the off-tank, expose the support lines. They did a super job!
  • This card is cheap enough at 15 cents, but it will be worth trying to max level this guy, because he's a card that will only go up in price. It will be a sound investment as his utility in any fire team, whether with YODIN, or another summoner like TARSA, he will have a place - especially given his mana cost.

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I think EVERYONE can agree that the Splinterlands community is awesome, and the opportunity it gives to earn and participate in the game's economy is beyond awesome! I have been playing for a couple of months now, and I want to introduce some goals to work towards, and to be accountable with.

You see - Splinterlands isn't just a game, it's an investment. Long term, the value in the game is going to continue to be created, and it's about being part of the action NOW, to be able to make significant financial gains down the road.

Goal 1: Stack 100,000 SPT
To get my goal underway, I already have 2300 SPT stacked. I am going to aim to get to 100,000 SPT by the end of the year. Wish me luck!


Goal 2: Work towards acquiring a PLOT of land.
My second goal is to buy a PLOT of land, ahead of the SPLINTERLANDS release.

As you can see, they're not cheap - currently trading for 448 HIVE. My intention will be to continue to watch the prices, and accumulate SWAP.HIVE. I'm not sure on my best path forward to buy some land, but I want this as a goal so I can work towards it.

The #hive-engine is only going to grow and get bigger and bigger, especially with the growth of Splinterlands drawing in a huge audience. I imagine that these may continue to grow in value, so if anyone knows how to save up 450 swap.hive quickly, let me know!


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Thanks for taking the time to join me, see you on the battlefield soon.
This has been another #splinterchat with LordTimoty

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