Road to Gold III


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Pay to get paid.

Play to earn or pay to play to earn? It's absolutely true that you can get started from absolute zero in this realm (well, yeah, you do have to buy a summoner's spellbook for $10), however the play to earn frenzy of our time is no joke. The place is literally full of crypto hustlers bagging serious profits just for having fun. It's still early in the game, so jump on the bandwagon while you can if you're still watching from the sidelines.

Took me a while to get started like the noob who's always late to the party that I am, but I'm still having a good time here. Already sitting on more than 1k $SPS and 40k $DEC and earning 12 $DEC per day through rentals, while my collection is worth roughly $0.4k. Not great, not terrible, but bear in mind that all Splinterlands assets are on discount at the moment.

The last Town Hall revealed that we are in for some huge surprises in the months to come. The game had a spectacular 2021, but it seems that 2022 is going to be even bigger. Sure, only time will tell, but the signs are there. Combine that with the fact that the entire crypto space is gearing up for another massive run of epic proportions with all the noise being made, and we've got a winner here.

I'm still stacking all $SPS, $DEC and Vouchers received on a daily basis as it has become some sort of healthy addiction for me. No big expectations here, just trying to get bigger and stronger as I do enjoy playing the game. At this point it feels like I would be playing it even without the rewards anyway. But sure, rewards are sweet, I think we can all agree on that.

Even though I call myself a $DEC and $SPS hoarder, this time around I decided to use some $DEC in order to rent powerful NFTs that would enable me to compete for better rewards in higher leagues. This is just an experiment for now, so I will come back with a follow-up post regarding my progress and any conclusions reached as to whether it was a good choice.

The truth is I'm using some of my layer-2 blogging rewards in order to buy up $DEC from the market and use it to rent one or two super-powerful cards that add 100k power or more to my collection. I only sell some of my $CENT, $BHT, and $POB post rewards whenever I need to rent those sweet NFTs. Typically, I need less than a blog post's proceeds and I'm all set.

Silver III is the limit for my collection power of roughly 16k, as most of my NFTs come from the Chaos Legion set. Even though those cards do not add significant value to one's collection power, they sure are very powerful in battle. My rating hit an all time high of 2,334 a couple days ago, which is a big deal considering the amount Splinterlands gunpowder I own.

Still holding 70 unopened Chaos Legion packs and am not planning to open those. Adding more to my stack whenever the opportunity arises mainly from Hive-Engine, as I do not trust my airdrop luck at all. Cheaper packs are on the menu over there, so I hoard and move them over to my in-game assets to capitalize on the $SPS airdrop. It's worked well for me so far.

As I've said multiple times, I find the game quite enjoyable so I plan to keep grinding over there regardless of the way the market chooses to behave. The fact that it also enables me to build something for the future makes it a no brainer. If you haven't entered the fray yet, maybe you need to think about it again.

The crypto space is still in its infancy. That may sound weird if you're a nerd who eats, sleeps and breathes crypto 24/7, but take a look around you. Most people do not have a clue yet. Let's take advantage of this early lead of ours. The masses will be flocking into the space sooner or later.

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone!

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Ah, sweet man! Keep on stacking and grinding! I am with you in the same boat😎