[Punk-o Mania]: My Small Collection of Punks on Hive

Punk Collection.png
Hello there everyone!

Yesterday, I was browsing through my feed and stumbled upon these so called Punks on Hive. The original Crypto Punks was HUGE. The lowest price in their marketplace is currently @ 87 Eth ($400k). Imagine getting even just 1% of that for your Hive punk. That would be pretty cool. Other blockchains like Solana have excellent response in their communities adapting the project. So, I think it's a good thing we have our very own punks here on Hive.

I only intended to buy 1. The first punk I obtained was Punk 4666. She's got a rarity of 214 which I think is quite average. Still not satisfied with that I bought another 3, then another 6. I wanted to have a punk with at least 500 rarity but failed even with 10 mints. At this point the best one I got was Punk 5632. I must admit that he got a pretty cool pipe but still his rarity is only at the 300's. Hours passed by and I kept thinking about these Punks. I remember those days when I ended up spending my allowance for a week on scratch lottery tickets. It's happening again, my balance in my binance account was in trouble. Thankfully, it's only limited to 10,000 pieces so I restrict myself as much as possible until the end. It will be over soon I told myself. But I failed. I ended up buying another 10. For some it's not a huge sum but spending 400 Hive is already a serious gamble for someone like me.

1500 rarity.png

But hey the last 10 pieces I minted brought quite a surprise. I minted something with 1k+ rarity! Punk 7116 ended up having a rarity of 1531. That's quite high when I compared it to the listings in the marketplace. With this last batch of mints I slept soundly last night. We do not know will happen to these punks in the future. I mean what might be a success for others might not work for us. It might explode like what happened to Splinterlands or it could be just be forgotten. For me, I think it's worth the gamble. I'll try listing some in the market after writing this. Hopefully, some good soul will find ways in buying my punks. :D

Anyway, that is all for my small punk update.
Glad I made some purchase because it was quickly sold out.
All the best!