Prayer meeting on the 16th of Nov 2021

I learnt that

1 Pet 4 vs 8;
Be fervent in the love for one another, to obey the doctrine and commandment is not to make the love wax cold
The commandment of God is to love God and love our neighbors
John 13 vs 34;
We should understand the importance of keeping the commandment of God,
Our love should be worked out not just by words
1 john 3 vs 17-18;
Consider one another help, love and do good work to one another and God will reward you
Heh 10 vs 24;
Eph 2 vs 10;
2 Tim 3 vs 17;
Let be furnished unto good work not just by hearing the word but by doing it
Show mercy to everyone, be a good creature, owe no man anything,
If you see your brother need anything, help him or her if not it means you don't have God
Rom 13 vs 8;
If you deny anyone of his love, you've owed the person
Let observe one another, if theirs any brother that needed your help, even if he didn't tell you and its in your capacity
Do it

Eph 4 vs 32:
Gal 6 vs 10;

2 principle that are very important are, Love and good work
If we keep to it, our salvation is ensured

1 Cor 10 vs 24

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