The power of positivity in a weekend of work and sickness.

This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Saturday started very early and exciting. My husband and I got up early to prepare the chicha that we were going to sell at the baseball stadium. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the crowd was impressive. The chicha was delicious, and we were able to sell it quickly. Also, the atmosphere at the baseball game was energetic and fun, and I was able to enjoy a day of sunshine and the company of my husband.

fin portada.jpg

However, Sunday was not so good. I woke up with a fever, bone pain and a bad cold. I figured it was due to the breeze blowing and raising dust. My husband went to sell alone while I stayed at home resting and having a good soup that my mother made. I was grateful to have my husband by my side at times like these and to have a mother who is always there to take care of me.


Despite my illness, the weekend was productive and we were able to improve our financial situation. The earnings from the weekend allowed us to buy medicine and food for the week, which made me feel even more relieved and grateful. I am glad that, despite my illness, the weekend was productive and allowed us to improve our financial situation.


In general, it was a weekend full of emotions and learning. I learned the importance of having a partner you can rely on in difficult times, and I also learned to appreciate the little things in life, like good soup and a loving mother. I wish all members of the community a happy week filled with health and joy. I hope your weekend was as productive as mine and that you are filled with love and gratitude. Until next time!