FungiFriday: Two Beautiful Shrub Mushroom Species

IMG20220204141041-01.jpegFlower Shell Mushroom

This post My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw.

IMG20220204140857-01.jpegFlower Shell Mushroom

Hi everybody,

On this auspicious occasion, I have a mushroom game that is certainly no stranger to my wonderful mushroom hunter friends. Mushrooms have places and areas that are beautiful according to their humidity and according to their nature for the growth of the fungus.




Today I have a mushroom that looks like a shellfish that has been shelled open, which this small and tiny mushroom has a very interesting nature, and this is my hunting trip that I will also share where I got this shell-shaped mushroom?

This is a tree fungus where each tree has a natural acid to create a bacterium that also produces fungi like this, and there are some other beauties that you can see, in some shots of my Smartphone Camera, and some that look like hats that have a shape, and unfortunately mushrooms I can't pay for this, because the lens I use is very extreme.

IMG_20220204_154854.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154913.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142230.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204141930.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142254.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142237.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142300.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142247.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204141924.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154935.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142039.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204141911.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204141907.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204142117.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154641.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154833.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154704.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154756.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG20220204141759.jpgHat Mushroom

IMG_20220204_154731.jpgHat Mushroom

Just looking at the pointed spikes shaped like this hat looks funny and very unique in my opinion and I also share the place where I was looking for mushrooms where only one was left, the others died and dried up because of the hot sun for some time.

IMG20220204143058.jpgLocation Mushroom

IMG20220204143109.jpgLocation Mushroom

IMG20220204143136.jpgLocation Mushroom

It's a bit missed to see mushrooms that are crushed by a lot of dry branches, because mushrooms sometimes live longer, among the moisture that they get from under the pile of brittle and old wood as you can see above.

IMG20220204140849.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140803.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140754.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204141133.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204141246.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204141054.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140923.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140824.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204141125.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204141105.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140857.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

IMG20220204140904.jpgFlower Shell Mushroom

That's my mushroom hunt this week, and hopefully next week there will be very interesting things that I will share, where I'm making mushrooms using some natural objects, and hopefully it can become a beautiful mushroom, wait for me in the natural mushroom experiment and can eaten?

CameraOppo A12
Lensa macroekstrim lens



Wow you've picked up some really amazing mushrooms..


Thank you so much brother, @ridor5301,I'm so happy you saw this, and thanks for this lovely comment. you are very kind and always in my blog. thank you for your attention


Hello, @lingkar-photo

I visit you and find my lost hat. No lie, they are beautiful photos because you explain the behavior of life in nature in every corner of the planet. I like the contrasting color with the brown background of the tree, a mother-of-pearl colored mushroom that has tiny specks, different attractive textures and shapes depending on the perspective there is another look. It looks to me like a hair flying, an umbrella blown by the wind; others look like a twirling skirt and the seashell you see. I enjoyed a visual walk with you. Congratulations!


thank you very much for this amazing comment, and full of natural perspective that makes me think more about new things for the next post, thank you very much my friend @amandaj