Quiting is not an option.


Hello friends,I hope you're good and keeping well too. I just felt it good to share with you my thought and to encourage you with it.Kindly read and enjoy.🤗

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Am sure you've come across this statement before "Quitters never win,winners never quit"
What do you think about it?
Well I've found this statement to be true. Although I wouldn't be quick to judge or condemn those that have once quitted nor judge those who just quitted,it will really be unwise of me to do that.

Why People quit

This writie up will be incomplete if I don't travel this path; explaining seeming reason why people quit.
The reason why people quit varies but in most cases generic.
One of the major reason why people quit is the inability to continue in the frustration they get from what they have set their heart to achieve. The truth is life is full of ups and downs,it is just part of life and it surfaces as we move from one stage to another in life. When things don't go as planned and as expected inspite of the effort put in,one tends to give up and then quit. Quittt is not really a good approach to life challenges as many great men we celebrate today had a share of this frustration but never quitted.

Another reason why people quit is because they don't seem to see how far they have gone with whatever they are doing or how far they gone in their pursuit for success. Learning how to look at where you are presently compared to where you were will save you from quitting in the face of little challenges. Always bear in mind that each step you take in pursuit and in the fulfilment of that project is already a progressive move which takes you closer to the goal. So instead of focusing on how far you still need to go in acheiving that goal,focus rather on how far you've gone in chasing after your goal.

Are you presently ay the verge of quitting or giving up,then I put it to you that quitting is not an option,you're closer to your goal than you can imagine,why not take a deep breath,quality rest and then continue. You will definitely arrive a at your desired destination...and that will only happen if you don't quit. You didn't start that beautiful project or pursuit only to abandoned it at this point.
Quiting is never an option.you can achieve it,yes you can!

Best Regard