No regret!


Yes! We have everything to be grateful for. The very first being the breath of life we still have running through our nostrils. Looking back into this year has left me with both awesome and awkward experiences. Well I will say it's part of life. Is there anyone on planet Earth who doesn't have a share of these up and downs? such person must be a god or something.

The Good Times
I had so many awesome experiences this year whose feeling I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. The feeling of leaving school as a graduate is thrilling,the journey started 7 years ago,it looked like it wasn't going to end,the demand was out of this world but we coped all these same. There were pressures on everyside to give up but somehow we managed because God was on my side while I was on that journey.


Preparing my project was another story entirely. We were grouped in four to work together in order to come up with something mind-blowing. You know there is this saying that goes thus ; "two heads are better than one" I guess it one of the drive behind the grouping. Well we did it. I will say we overcome and the project turned out to be a suceess.


So many other thrilling experience came my way this year. I was introduced into Crypto this year..did you just giggle? 😀. Well it is just what it is,am a newbie but I've learnt a lot,I got on hive just recently and the experience has been awesome to far,I was given a warm welcomed by several people and commuinty,I must say,the love,engagement and interaction here is genuine.. joining this amazing community @ocd has also been one of my motivation here on hive and am ready to contribute my quota to it growth and development.

The Bad Times.
Like I said life is full of ups and downs,we have to enjoy and endure the ride.😉. There were time this year that the going got so tough, academically, financially, emotionally and in other areas. But I learned early in life not to back out nor give up. There is this saying that goes like " tough situations don't last but tough people do" this ideology has a place somewhere in my heart and always come handy when needed.

In all I appreciate God and everyone who has helped me in one way or the other in the journey so far. Here
I am today appreciating God specially for the gift of life and celebrating the fact that in all I won and have no regret whatsoever about the things that worked and the ones that didn't.
Am very optimistic and hopeful that 2022 is going to be an amazing year not only for me but to all.
Thanks for dropping by.

Best Regard