Merry Christmas Friends..


If there is a season I look forward to ,it definitely Christmas. There is something amazing and peculiar about it. One obvious thing this season is known for is "LOVE"
Love is something we should give freely even if we don't get it in return but trust me,you will most likely get it in return because human are bound to reciprocate especially when it has to do with an act that they really appreciate.


Yes! It's a season when we give liberally.. The person we are celebrating today (Jesus) was given to us by God. One of the ways to celebrate this season is to GIVE. Look out for those who are in need around you,who are less privileged and give to them. Although we shouldn't wait for special seasons like this before showing love or giving. It should be natural with us.


It's a season we connect and hang out with friends, family and loved ones. You can't be so busy from January till December and don't try as much as possible to catch up with friend and family. It is a season to bond and hangout with loved ones. Let's spark up and ignite unions afresh.
Personally I would love that everyday be Christmas..smiles,you know, it can really be,it all about our mindset,you can decide to see everyday that way.
We can show love to people we come in contact with and give.

Am sure you all are having a good time already...I would love to read in the comment section how you've celebrated this Xmas.
Thanks for dropping by..