Which grow light is the best for growing cannabis?



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Many would have thought that growing cannabis outdoors is simply just planting some seeds, watering it, fertilizing it and then waiting for the harvest because let me tell you this, growing your own cannabis is not as simple as just chucking some seeds in the ground and hoping they grow just like having a child which really requires the time and experience to gain for you to become knowledgeable and an expert to any areas of it. To ensure a good harvest, aside from worrying about the investment for dealing about the maintenance which directly suggests about the equipment and manpower, outdoor growers must gather a lot of guidelines and details particularly from cannabis grow guide, just like on how to properly analyze the local soil, preparing the site and the housing ventilation because I'm warning you, these plants also need protection though they really thrive in a wild environment, and one must also be knowledgeable about the appropriate pest-control methods and the right quality of seeds to be planted.

Growing healthy marijuana plants should be fun and can be easy when you are ready to abide by certain methods and techniques which are highly considered and practiced especially by beginners and sometimes taken as the growing standard as there is also a various number of important factors to weigh and monitor when growing your own indoor marijuana to ensure high-quality harvests.


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The temperature, moisture, air circulation, and even your attention as its grower are all essential necessities that can make for a most stress-free growing atmosphere varying on how you provide it as too much doesn't always work well for all phases. The ideal spot for growing cannabis outdoors will be sunny, sheltered, and well-irrigated, and will have good drainage. But when it comes to growing cannabis indoors, you must provide an adequate amount of light by which every plant basically needs. There is a lot of lighting equipment offered by different manufacturers but one must opt for LED growing lights as these are highly proven to be much more efficient compared to CFLs and HPS. Though LEDs can get pretty pricey, it doesn't produce too much heat and has the same electricity consumption with the other. In most cases, LEDs don't require great maintenance as you don't need to adjust its light every day. You might get anxious about the required space needed for the installation between the plants and the LEDs but this is needed to prevent your plants from getting light burn which apparently appears as discoloration. As a grower, one must strive to keep these consistent and invest in their particular needs and happiness, and surely you will benefit considerably in your future satisfaction.

If you desire to have an outdoor plantation as this could be faced sometimes when you don't have enough space to cater it inside, make it a habit to germinate your seeds first indoors, and let them grow in pots for at least a week or two using LEDs growing light as its temporary source of energy, as this method could protect the seeds from being eaten by birds and other insects. When they start to sprout, out your plants outside for a few hours at a time, and be sure to keep them covered from several factors that could harm them and after a week or so, raise the exposure of your plants as this could help them to generate certain characteristics to withstand outdoor conditions.

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