Cub's Blazing Progress: Token Burns, Deflationary Flipping, and Exciting News on the Horizon

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In today's video, we'll discuss the exciting news and developments surrounding Cub, with a big announcement coming on April 5th that you won't want to miss. We'll dive into the remarkable progress Cub has made, having burned a whopping 3 million total Cub tokens in August 2022.

We'll compare the token burn rate from the year and a half prior to August 2022, during which 500,000 Cub tokens were burned, to the astounding 2.5 million Cub tokens burned in just the last six to seven months. As the burn rate continues to soar every month, we'll discuss the devs' tireless efforts to push Cub towards deflationary flipping.

With the Cub supply hovering around 21 million, we'll examine the key indicators that signal flipping, such as the need for more than 840,000 Cub tokens being bought each month. We'll also reveal that more Cub tokens have been burned each day this month than issued, highlighting the impressive strides made by the project.

Join us as we celebrate Cub's journey towards becoming a decentralized, reliable, and growing DeFi platform. Stay tuned for the latest updates, insights, and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of Cub and the broader DeFi ecosystem!

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big announcement coming on April 5th
It's May 6th what the

The real question comes down to if it's this much of a challenge to get it deflationary at $0.014 per CUB well then it's going to be 2x harder or needed at just $0.03 per cub. So how does it grow and how does cub provide more value beside simply trying to burn more than it produces?


Waiting for the report.

But I'm just wondering what would be your response to the comment made by @lbi-token which is heavily invested into Leo and cub.

Why would you buy more CUB when you've already lost so much on it? There are hundreds of better crypto to invest in.
I get buying back and burning as a promo thing. It sounds really nice but the problem is they buy back in hopes the price increases, right? When the price increases, they can't buy back as many and CUB becomes inflationary again. They only explain 1 side of the story. They dont tell you that increasing prices means they can't buy back as many CUB.


And the price never increased because burning tokens does not create buying demand, just means there are fewer in circulation.