Turning LeoFinance into an AI News Machine | News2Threads Update

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Welcome aboard LeoFinance's innovation train, as we embark on a journey to the future of content distribution with Chat GPT and News to Threads.

The value of integrating newer technologies to disseminate content is undisputed. With this in mind, we introduce News2Threads, a remarkable leap forward in our community. This tool leverages Chat GPT to transform news articles into succinct three-thread summaries.

Our Discord users holding Apex Lion, Leader of the Pack, Ambassador, or Squire roles, and users with 15,000 Leo Power or more, can tap into the potential of News 2 Threads. Furthermore, we welcome all users to submit links for the News to Threads engine.

LeoFinance remains your trusted platform for in-depth content centered on finance, economics, and business, while Threads offers an avenue for micro-blogging. We invite all users to suggest new sites for inclusion in News 2 Threads to users. Join us in shaping the future of content with Chat GPT and News to Threads. Watch now and be a part of this thrilling journey!

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceLeo
Discord: https://discord.gg/E4jePHe
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.leofinance.io

Our Hive Applications

Join Web3: https://leofinance.io/
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Web3 & DeFi

Web3 is about more than social media. It encompasses a personal revolution in financial awareness and data ownership. We've merged the two with our Social Apps and our DeFi Apps:

CubFinance (BSC): https://cubdefi.com
PolyCUB (Polygon): https://polycub.com
Multi-Token Bridge (Bridge HIVE, HBD, LEO): https://wleo.io

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