I Recreated My Old Art (Pink)


Hi! How are you? I've been attempting to recreate my previous artwork from the previous months. And this would be one of my faves. Now that I have a new graphics tablet, I thought it would be interesting to redraw some of my earlier artwork using it to see if there was a difference. I started it this morning and finished it this afternoon, however after finishing it, I have a severe headache, so I should take a break before writing the next blog.

I don't like staying up late, but now that I'm back to creating artwork, my sleep schedule is once again ruined. It is worth it, even if I end up getting sick as a result. My body and everything else was ruined since I used to sleep really late. Sleeping is essential, and for me, six hours is enough. I get up at five every morning to work out because I need to walk every day in order to function. LOL

My first attempt at reproducing my artwork is a complete failure, so I give up right away. I recently purchased a graphic tablet, if I recall correctly. The first month went well because of my overwhelming motivation, but as time went on, I stopped due to lack of sleep and then sickness, which resulted in "no artwork for weeks, motivation getting depleted again with art block."

The end outcome has satisfied me. I am very excited, To share it with you. One piece of art used to take me a whole day to finish. I have had my phone for six years. I started creating digital art using my phone and a $2 stylus pen (which is a lifesaver). I appreciate my former self, the patient I once had is entirely respectable. I made the decision to reward myself with a new tablet, and I can honestly say, "I never felt this relief in my entire life."

I made the correct decision by beginning with traditional art. Actually, I had previously purchased a graphic tablet similar to the one I now own. My first time trying it, I decided that "digital art is not for me," so it got abandoned in my cabinet, and I decided to just sell it. I gave it a second chance to draw again, that was the time that I realized I shouldn't have sold that graphic tablet, but... I went online and discovered that they have version two, which is identical except that with version two, you can connect it to your Android phone or tablet and that's it. hehe.

I am still manifesting for a new pen display before the end of the year.

(New Version)

Cotton Candy.jpg

(The Original Art)


It's my fault, time flies. I thought I did this art last year, when I edit this blog, I usually add the year beside my signature, "Awww, I just made this art this year." hehe. I drew this while still using my phone. Ibis crashed the video file as I was eager to watch the time-lapse video of it. The day I was so upset. I only wanted to know how I made it.

I am into adding a skeleton as a body. The first artwork I posted here in the hive had a skeleton body so I can't stop doing it now it is one of my art styles.

The Process













(Recreation vs. Original)

Cotton Candy.jpg


I actually have another version of the sketch, but I didn't like it I am fifty percent done until I decided to start again. Sometimes you should trust your gut feeling. In the original art, I didn't focus much on detail, so this is my time to focus on it.

This new version of her is more detailed, and now that I have a larger screen, I can zoom in on every detail. No more lag when rendering, thanks to my brother, who gave me his laptop with plenty of memory so I could render all day without any problem. hehe.

I like the way the hair floats under the water and the sunlight reflects on it. I am so excited to add lighting, it makes the art more lively.

This is my opportunity to use this motivation to draw more, when I suddenly stop posting, either I am sick or I have an art block. hehehe. I might recreate my other art again in the future. So excited!

I made a blog about the original version before if you wanted to visit it here is the link https://peakd.com/hive-174301/@leannwithdoublen/digital-drawing-7-i-named-her-pink

(Timelapse Drawing)



Drawing Tablet: XP-Pen Deco 1 v2
Drawing Program: Krita
Duration: 5 hours 16 minutes

Thank you!




Looks like you levelled up as well hehe. The new one is more vibrant and detailed compared to the old one. It looks like you changed the bone formation as well. Lots of changes on this one. This is interesting maybe I should try redrawing one of my very old paintings haha.


I am experimenting if I really did improve hahaha, yeah that's true she's more detailed than the first one, thanks to Krita hahaha. for the bone, I did the research which is the right anatomy of it hehehe. Try it too it is interesting!!! :D


I'll try it when I finish other activities hehe.


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