Create your NFT art on LasseCash



Where are all the brilliant artists within the theme of "Anarchy, Crypto and Truth"? If you know one of those, let them know that now they can mint their NFT art at LasseCash.

An NFT on LasseCash can be an image, an audio file or a video file. This is quite unique, most other NFT platforms dont provide all three options at the same time.

The fees are low. The first edition costs 1000 LASSECASH and each additional edition costs 100 LASSECASH. There is a 1% fee for trading any NFT. NFTs can be traded on Openhive also.

Its free to transfer any NFT on LasseCash, as the native tokens on LasseCash has no fees. Just like when you send LASSECASH there is no fee at all.

/Lasse Ehlers