10X per year for liquidity providing?



This is rough numbers and on one knows the future. But I do think that there is a huge chance that the rewards will be lucrative for a good while.

The reason for this is that not many are providing liqudity for LasseCash. We moved from page 2 to page 1 today from organic growth.

There is huge potential for LasseCash on all parametres. I plan more "stock buy backs" of the token probably 2 weeks from now, unless a lot more liquidity come in, then I see the rewards going even higher when I first do the buy backs :)


/Lasse Ehlers


Yeah I'm gonna try this, I unstaked some lasse and hive to stake in the dieselpools. How do we calculate the probability exactly?


Thanks for asking, I been thinking lately that the market participant that exists currently might not be able to make this calculation, but with time I think the market will understand.

So lets calculate for one day, in the above example: $6 is distributed to $200 liquidity, thats $6 / $200 = 0.03 = 3%

I mean 3% per day is a lot, with compounding interest it looks like this in a year:

day %
1 0.030
2 0.031
3 0.032
4 0.033
5 0.034
6 0.035
7 0.036
8 0.037
9 0.038
10 0.039
… …
350 906.385
351 933.576
352 961.584
353 990.431
354 1020.144
355 1050.749
356 1082.271

Thats roughly 1000% in a year, or 10X. Pretty good for something you can pull at any time. This calculation change from day to day, sometimes it will be much lower, other times much higher. Since there is so little liquidity in LasseCash its this good of a deal, if you do the same calculation on SWAP.HIVE:DEC you almost make nothing because there is so much liquidity.

One needs to be smart. I am curious to see what this will do to the price of LasseCash over time.

Hope this helps?