Shooting termites or dry wood moths at home at night


Hi all nest friends. Good night and have a good rest. Because? I believe. All my friends must be tired, because it's the weekend. I hope you all have a nice weekend.
On this occasion tonight. I'm going to share my macro camera shots, and my target this time is the larvae that fly beside me while my family and I are sitting, and watching my child study. Because tomorrow my child has a school exam, hopefully tomorrow my child's exam will go well. And can answer all the exam questions. Amen
and this is a picture of the moth I met tonight,







but I don't know why this moth is alone because usually the moths will appear in groups, and this is the result of my macro camera shots at night, because I usually shoot macros during the day not at night like this, tonight I' m actually very confused , because it's my first time using my macro camera at night, and it's very difficult, I hope this picture of mine can cheer up all my friends who are resting.
Here I will explain a little about moths that I know from the internet
Alates or better known as moths by most people, is the scientific name for flying termites or winged termites. Laron is the initial part of each termite life cycle or phase where the termite caste is ready to breed and build a new colony,
We should be worried, if we see a lot of loose wings inside or outside the house, because this can be an early sign of termite attacks in the house, because wood termites are very easy to breed, and they will quickly eat wood inside the house. House. Home. our house .. so if we see a lot of moth hairs scattered. near our house we must quickly eradicate it. and these are a few tips from me for all my friends. we have to eradicate wood termites by using insecticides, and this is the name of the insecticide that I use, namely the name (regent) with the active ingredient frifonil and produced by PT BASS from Germany. It works both contact and systemically. We just need to catch some termites, and we smear them with poison, then we return them to their friend's place again, if the wood termites that we have smeared with poison touch their friend then their friend will also die. that's all from me, hopefully it can be useful for all of my friends


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