Butterflies like leaves


Hi hive friends, greetings to all of us, hopefully we are always in good condition. And happy weekend to all my dear friends, have a nice weekend everyone, have fun guys,
On my occasion this time? I will share a photo that I got behind the house where I live.
I saw a butterfly perched on my pants, which I attached to a clothesline behind the house. When I was about to take my pants and put them on I wondered what animal this was, perched on my pants, I watched it for a very long time. Since these butterflies don't fly when I take off my pants, I immediately grabbed the smartphone I had, and took some pictures. I'm so free! when I took some pictures of butterflies, because these butterflies are very tame, and still when I take some pictures.
And this is the image I got today,




But, honey? I don't know the name of this butterfly, although I've looked it up on the internet. For friends who know the name of this animal, please leave your comment, by replying to my post, I really hope, if friends can tell what the name of this butterfly is. Hopefully some of my pictures can entertain all hive friends