So I'm A Little Obsessed With Call Of Duty...


Hey everyone so it has been a while since I have posted and I miss it and you all so much, it's been driving me insane thinking about what to post. So finally I figured I'd just share what I've been doing for fun lately and that is playing Call of Duty, I have been obsessed for a while now - but with the new game's release, I decided I might as well start streaming and see if I catch anything decent.

Well lucky for me I have managed to catch at least a few decent clips (I still have several more recent streams I'm yet to highlight), to be fair to me as I always try to be - my earlier streams are a bit shite. It takes me a while to settle into new games and establish some skill, but I am finally having a bit of luck with the last few streams so here's to hoping I keep on improving from here.

I have had a couple of issues in the last couple of days with my computer overheating, this caused the game to crash at first then the whole computer so ending my live stream - I had @ausbitbank go over it but there is no obvious explanation, we have identical setups and his was fine so we may need to pull this beast apart to get a better idea if things keep going to shit.

Here are a couple of clips from my earlier streams of Call of Duty Cold War:

In this clip I manage to get a few decent knife kills, I will admit now that I am obsessed with the knife in this and use it often to my own detriment.

So many times I find myself losing players and end up running around like a chicken with its head chopped off, but in the end, I got some nice kills all things considered.

This was more luck than management, again a lot of crazy stabbing and running around plus a few kills for good measure.

I love the knife for catching people off guard, the silence really helps. I do have to say I thought I was fucked at the end when that female player ran towards me, no idea how she didn't see me coming before it was too late.

Super lucky I guessed that guy would follow me up the zip line, but my panic fails almost cost me.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a great clip with several kills, even if I do ultimately die by running into a crowded room filled with enemies.

I do love it when I pick the right path and just stab my way through them all :D

This just kept working in this match, I ended up doing it a few more times - this is why I love knives, they are hard to beat in super close proximity. But that dude shooting us with a rocket launcher underwater was just unlucky.

That dude at the end got his friend killed but ended my little killing streak.

I am finally starting to figure out where people like to hide and snipe, also how did he not see me? All I can say is thank you to all the players that have a super low field of view.

That initial hit should have killed me, but that ending was fucking gold :D

Well, these are just a few of the ones I thought were most entertaining for you guys, hope you liked them.

I'm about to start up another live stream now on my twitch channel with @ausbitbank, hope you can drop in and say hi.