Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 178 - Edith Emberstar


This is my participation in the art contest of @splinterlands


The Lyverian Sheriffs of Anumün never forget a crook… or a grudge. This is the story of how a young woman stealing medicine turned into a massive inter-Splinter fugitive hunt and brought two powerful civilizations to the brink of all-out war…

Edith Emberstar was caught up in something much larger than she knew. Upon arriving in ΛZMΛRÉ, she was given refuge by one of the richest families of Anenon, the Ushers. Lord Usher knew of the maniacal Sheriff Carvingworth from whom she ran, so he immediately prepared the Anenon defenses and worked up a plan to send Edith to one of the safest places in the Splinterlands. It was a place where all grudges were forgotten whenever a good show was presented. She was to become a Gladiator champion for the Water Splinter in Moxian combat, and she would be untouchable


First I made a sketch of what I wanted to draw.

I wanted to continue doing it in pencil but I realized when I scanned the image that there was a disproportion with respect to the body, so I started using Photoshop to make the drawing.

Finally, I retouch it

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